Nut-job Tim D'Annunzio ran Facebook ads outing alleged whistleblower

Part of Trump's idiotic propaganda machine:

A North Carolina businessman and failed congressional candidate, Tim D’Annunzio, gained as many as 200,000 impressions on a pair of ads that provided the supposed name of the whistleblower. He promoted the posts using a personal page titled “Message,” targeting “people who are Christian-related, who have Christian interests,” he said in an interview.

D’Annunzio said he first came across the name of the supposed whistleblower in a Gateway Pundit article. “And then it started to pop up in other places, where it’s obvious he’s the guy,” he said.

Those of you who are not long-time BlueNC readers may not be aware of this dude, but here's a quote from his failed Congressional effort back in 2010:

The coming battle, he wrote, will be against "The wicked (The Liberal Leftist Socialist Democrats and their beast in the news media)."

"They want to destroy you," he continued. "At what point are you going to realize this is a war to the death. This is a fight that is either the end of US [sic] or the end of them. I say it is the end of them and their evil world."

Trump and his entourage have actively recruited dangerous idiots like D'Annunzio to defend the corrupt President, and viciously attack those who criticize him. What happened to Valerie Plame was bad enough, but the Brown Shirts are going all-in to expose the whistleblower, and no doubt many of them actually want to get him killed in the process.

This is not normal, folks. Far from it.




It's our Achilles Heel on the left, it makes us vulnerable but we can't be what we are without it. Our very ideals demand that we tolerate other viewpoints and other lifestyles, but that means we must let dangerous eliminationist idiots like D'Annunzio continue to be what they are. We can't do the very thing that he and his kind always seem to think we want to...get rid of them. It's the rankest kind of projection on their part. They certainly do want to get rid of us and use the supposed "war" by the left on them to justify it, but all the push for war comes from them. If they'd just quit trying to impose their ideas on others who don't want them, we'd all be fine. But their entire ideology demands that they must impose their ideas on others, so there will never be a resolution to this problem until they do disappear, which will never happen. All we can do is to keep exposing them and limiting their impact to their own circle of believers.

There's always a conspiracy...

I just struggled through a pretty ugly local election, and I was simply amazed at some of the ignorant speculating going on.

I've been heavily involved with town government stuff for the last almost six years, so every now and then I would step in and clarify stuff. I can't let misinformation be espoused and propagated, but I also had to very careful to not seem condescending. But it may have been my neutrality and embrace of the truth that hurt me the most. Regardless of what people say, they want to see controversy. They want an ugly fight, even if it's over nothing.

People like Tim D'Annunzio feed that need for drama, the belief that they are part of some patriotic movement opposing an evil entity. But (as you say) we can't fall into that trap. We can't make aggressive moves to counter it, because that will only feed their delusions. It's frustrating, but somebody has to be the adult in the room.