Nuclear Worries in Wake County

A few days ago the N.C. Waste Awareness and Reduction Network ("NC Warn") and the Union of Concerned Scientists told Washington that whistleblowers at Wake County's Shearon Harris nuclear power plant had come to them with security concerns. The charges sound pretty serious:

According to N.C. WARN, the guard or guards say that Progress executives ordered them in some cases not to search vehicles and equipment entering the plant's protected area, where the most sensitive operations take place and the most dangerous materials are stored. They also are said to claim instances when intruder detection equipment was flawed or missing, when alarms were ignored, and when improper weapons discharges were covered up. Securitas is said to have ordered some guards to cheat on security exams. | Editorials

Progress Energy says things are fine. Whew; that's a relief. I guess that means we should let them go ahead and build new nuclear power plants in North Carolina.