Now that's conservative!

An organization called the Senate Conservatives Fund is working to repeal health reform legislation and elect "strong conservatives" to the US Senate.

So in the 2010 race which sitting Senators are endorsed by the Senate Conservatives Fund? None. It endorses zero sitting Senators for the 2010 race. Apparently all elected officials are crazy liberals -- Democrats and Republicans alike.

Instead the SCF endorses Marco Rubio (FL), Pat Toomey (PA), Chuck DeVore (CA), and Michael Williams (TX). The SCF is chaired by Jim "Waterloo" DeMint of South Carolina.

On the SCF scorecard even the self-proclaimed far right winger Richard Burr could only muster an 89. And that's the problem with the Tea Party push to the right. No one is pure enough. If you ever compromise on anything -- you're out.

That's why the right is angry about a health care bill that incorporates many ideas -- including an individual mandate -- that were dreamed up by Republicans and conservative think tanks.