Now McCrory frets about "bypassing the democratic and legal process"

Had DAG McCrory and his GOP co-conspirators in the General Assembly respected democratic process on March 23 when HB2 was railroaded into law, none of this would be happening. McCrory would not be making ironic arguments against bypassing the democratic and legal process," as he did yesterday.
Properly considered on its merits, toothless and without justification, HB2 would not have become law.
Had Puppet Pat McCrory not willingly joined in the demonization of transgender people, he would have vetoed the law. Instead of hurrying to sign it. In that event, North Carolina would still be under economic siege, because creating a made-up bathroom crisis was already an agreed-upon #NCGOP political stunt. Even so, had he acted responsibly, McCrory could critique the clowns rather than parade the fact that he is one of them and fret about democratic process he honored in the breach to force HB2 into law.