Now here's a surprise

Just in case anyone was anxious about all those lottery addicts down in Mecklenburg County, here's some comforting news from AP via the Charlotte Observer. Just think! You'll be able to win 340 million next year too!

Commission: N.C. lottery will join Powerball

RALEIGH, N.C. - Last month, an Oregon family won 340 million dollars in the multistate Powerball lottery game.

Next year, someone in North Carolina could cash in from the same game.

The state lottery commission today decided to join the Powerball roster after hearing the presentation from its operators. Currently, 27 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands participate in Powerball. That's according to its Web site.

The commission also wanted a presentation from the operators of Mega Millions, the nation's other multi-state game, but that group declined. North Carolina lottery officials say Mega Millions doesn't want additional states to join right now.

Executive director Tom Shaheen also recommended Powerball because a large concentration of Tar Heel residents, especially in the Charlotte area, already play the game in South Carolina.



If you don't watch it...'re going to get lottery tickets in your stocking.

And if I won

I'd have to give all the money to Blue NC to change the world!

Now I just want to know...

If they are just joining an existing program, why do we need all of those highly paid bureaucrats in Raleigh to administer it?

My first lottery diary.

It was speculation about the small group of insiders who run the industry. They just do the same tricks again and again. Big bidness.


Maybe we should outsource our lottery management to Bangalore?

Just saying...

That there is this group of states that are already doing the same thing. We do we just not link up with them rather than creating our own infrastructure? Economies of scale and so forth. The insider issue is different. If fact we would not even get to it if not for the fact that we created the infastructure to fill.