Now boys and girls

There's no end to the hypocrisy running rampant among Pope Puppets this St. Patricks Day. Consider this story about a Carrboro teacher who decided to experiment with separating boys and girls in middle School. It's perfectly predictable.

These are the same wingnuts who think public education has collapsed under the weight of too much government and bureaucracy, and that teachers should be free to teach. They just looooove experimentation and entrepreneurial spirit, except of course, when they don't.

Our schools have become lock-down pressure cookers where innovation is rare and resignation runs high. This teacher could have done a better job implementing her ideas . . . and parents should have been told what was happening upfront. The Puppet makes some of these points nicely, but mostly leaves the impression that this was a bad teacher. That's simply not the case.


PS I actually think there's a role for some gender segregation in public schools. It would need to be done carefully of course, but I have no problem with the concept.