November Madness?

Here's some light reading to send you off to bed. Someone has been fantasizing about how life might be if 08's big show were more like the NCAA tournament:

No election, not even for president,
drives people happily crazy. During March Madness, people argue
about rankings, slip away to study statistics and pick their
brackets, then duck work to spend hours watching the contests.

When was the last time thousands
eagerly viewed the Iowa caucuses, cheering wildly when 10 guys
gathered by a blackboard in Waterloo for John Edwards or John

SitNews - Column: What politics could learn from basketball By MARSHA MERCER. She's describing BlueNC, right?


I think she's describing my Mom's house

on election night. There's always a party and we take it downtown after we have an idea about which candidates get a hug and which get a handshake. She has a small office in her house and one election night when she was running we had about 17 people crammed into a space that should hold no more than 8 as we refreshed the computer at the Board of Elections web site.

If you guys are anywhere close to that then I'm in the right place.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I thought you were leading up to an invitation for us all to crash your place on the Big Day.

OH but you wouldn't want to come to Charlotte

for such a fun event. I remember when I was a kid/teen the returns were a huge event at the convention center. It was so much fun. We need to weasle our way into a big party somewhere. (Yeah, like I could do anything fun on a school night!)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Apparently, she didn't spend any time

around the Deaniacs in 2003-2004. Happily crazy? People were flying from Europe and Asia to go door-to-door in Iowa for Dean. Throngs were showing up wherever he spoke.

BFA was, for a time, the largest blog on the planet.

Oh, that's right. It lasted longer than two weeks. What was I thinking?