Nothing to see here. Move along.

The UNC BOG interim Pres W. Louis Bissette, jr. addressed NCGA this afternoon on the process the BOG went through in deciding on appropriate salaries for chancellors at each level of our university system by seeking comparison salaries at comparable schools. Our salaries needed to be adjusted. Upwards.

The BOG passed the salary increases in closed session. Feeling that the President needed time to speak to each chancellor regarding their salary increase before each read about it in the newspaper, the BOG thought it would be okay to give the president the weekend to do that, and then announce the salaries to the public on the following Monday. The interim president chalks this up to his newness to this board, and admits it could have, should have been done differently.

It came across sounding like a tempest in a teapot. Some NCGA members were concerned that their requests to the BOG for this information was at first denied, but again the interim pres replied he was new to the position, there was a known process for giving NCGA members info from open sessions, but no written policy on how to handle requests for info from closed sessions. He acted from an abundance of caution, called the BOG into session to approve that disclosure, and the information was immediately sent to NCGA.

The bottom line here is this: UNC chancellor salaries need to reflect what chancellors in other states are being paid, but NCGA has little interest in bringing K-12 teacher salaries up to the national average.