Notes from the Kakistocracy: Louis DeJoy is the new Postmaster General

Money makes the Trump world go 'round:

The Postal Service’s board of governors confirmed late Wednesday that Louis DeJoy, a North Carolina businessman who is currently in charge of fundraising for the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, will serve as the new postmaster general.

The action will install a stalwart Trump ally to lead the Postal Service, which he has railed against for years, and probably move him closer than ever before to forcing the service to renegotiate its terms with companies and its own union workforce.

If DeJoy was genuinely interested in supporting and improving the Postal Service, the very first thing he would do is lobby the Senate to amend the stupid law that requires them to fully fund decades-worth of retirement benefits. The main reason that was enacted is so Republicans could wail and gnash their teeth about the post office's financial woes (which they caused). It's the classic GOP "Break it and then complain about it being broken" approach to governing, which we see all the time here in NC. We will see if he is prepared to do the job right, or help Trump attack Jeff Bezos:

Trump has indicated he wants the Postal Service to dramatically raise fees for delivering packages for customers such as Amazon in exchange for tapping the line of credit. Trump has long argued that Amazon doesn’t pay the Postal Service enough, a charge the agency has fiercely contested. (Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos, owns The Post.)

“Louis DeJoy understands the critical public service role of the United States Postal Service, and the urgent need to strengthen it for future generations,” Robert M. Duncan, chairman of the board of governors, said in a statement.

“Postal workers are the heart and soul of this institution, and I will be honored to work alongside them and their unions,” DeJoy, who will start June 15, said in a statement.

Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.), chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees the Postal Service, denounced the move as a reward by Trump to a “partisan donor.”

“The Postal Service is in crisis and needs real leadership and someone with knowledge of the issues,” Connolly said. “This crony doesn’t cut it.”

Trump is a fricking idiot. Amazon deliveries are a boon for the Postal Service, and with people shopping online more and more, that's a steady stream of income. And say what you will about him, Jeff Bezos is smarter than Trump's entire Cabinet combined. He is building a fleet of delivery vehicles, and pretty soon Trump's threats and the post office's revenue will go up in smoke.



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Wait, did I say that outloud? Because criticizing somebody just because her dress looks kinda like a fishing net is in very poor taste. I am (slightly) ashamed of myself. Sorry, Aldona.

A little background on Louis DeJoy

DeJoy is, of course, the spouse of Aldona Wos, the disastrous former head of NC's Department of Health and Human Services that was forced out because of her incompentence.

DeJoy is president of a Greensboro real estate and private equity firm, LDL Global Strategies, which has dropped a boatload of donations on the RNC, the NC GOP, and GOP figures such as Mitch McConnell. You can see DeJoy's personal contributions to 2016 candidates and PACS here.

DeJoy is the chairman of the finance committee for the RNC 2020 convention in Charlotte.

What's not being mentioned in all of the coverage of this is that LDJ Global Strategies appears to be in direct competition with the USPS - all of the public information about the company talks about it in general terms of real estate, equity, and consulting, but it appears to be involved in transportation in a capacity similar to FedEx and JB Hunt - DeJoy was named to the transportation group of a Trump economic advisory group and a group representing small businesses in this area called them out on it.

So is there a fundamental conflict of interest with this appointment that Trump and DeJoy are trying to obscure?