Not in God's Name

For the past five and a half years we've watched as our country has fallen into the clutches of a lying, egomaniacal fascist who thinks God speaks to him. We've watched as our civil liberties have been ravaged and the man entrusted with protecting the Constitution that guarantees these liberties has reserved the right to break the laws of this land. In a country where no man is above the law, George W. Bush has elevated himself above all men and our laws. The scariest part of all of this, is that he has done it in the name of God.

Please join me on the flip side....

I don't pretend to speak for anyone else here. Most of us have expressed outrage at some time or another when those from the right have tried to force their religious views on the rest of the country or any portion of it. We seem especially outraged when they use our government as the vehicle for this abuse.

These abuses are occurring at a more rapid pace. It is as if the religious zealots from the right sense that their time is quickly passing and they need to ramp up their efforts to convert the heathen masses.

Whether it is injecting prayer into our public schools, displaying sculptures of the ten commandments or declaring a war in God's name you can rest assured that someone at BlueNC will have something to say about it. The following are just a few examples of posts from our regulars addressing these issues.

Bible or Constitution by Anglico
NCGOP Asking for Church Directories by Lance
God: OK to Whip Kids with Plastic Pipe by Anglico

As the 2006 and 2008 elections approach you can bet the religious right will be on the attack. I plan to push back and this is where I plan to do it. I invite each of you, regulars and lurkers alike to join in the discussion. It will be important to shed light on the hypocrisy of these people who would force their beliefs on others and attempt to deny civil liberties to those of different faiths.

I hope to make this a regular Sunday morning section. Lance has provided us with a terrific graphic. We can each use it to head blog posts we are including in the morning's discussions. Please don't feel you have to wait until Sunday morning to post about the religious right. We can always bump posts from archives to include them for discussion's sake.

The first post in our Sunday morning series is actually not a discussion post at all, but I hope you will enjoy it nonetheless.



Good idea

Let's reclaim Sundays . . . (and every other day) for discussions of the "Christianity" of our "health care" system, our use of depleted uranium or abstinence policies that leave a 30% rise in unwanted pregnancies among women below the federal poverty level etc. etc. etc.

Thank you...we need to have these discussions

We know the religious right - the GOP's new base - will get fired up. We know they are going to be on the attack. We also already know the issues they will be attacking - same sex marriage and same sex families (adoption laws).

If we start exposing their hypocrisy early on in the game we won't be caught off guard. Let's be on the offensive on this one.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Now that I have discussion posts up

I have to run buy sticky, sweet doughnuts for my oldest child. She's standing behind me telling me she's starving. While she looks rail thin, I know she isn't starving. I watched her eat a 10 oz steak, salad, broccoli and ice cream last night.

Heh...I ate half that and I'm not rail that's a special sort of injustice. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Preemptive Response

There's a special part of my brain devoted to taking a pro-administration view of the world and reporting back on how things might look from over there. It occurred to me while watching the slide show that a likely pro-war response would be to ask how many of these children were injured by the US and how many by insurgents or earlier by the Iraq military.

That's a fair question, and I don't think that there is any easy way to know the answer. But dividing the injuries and deaths into two categories—those cause by us, those caused by insurgents—while easy, is misleading. A better approach would be to divide the harm into three categories: (a) collateral damage inflicted by coalition troops pursuant to our invasion; (b) harm that followed from our failure to adequately prepare to meet the insurgency and to bring a stable government to Iraq; and (c) harm that would have been inflicted by madmen, mercenaries, terrorists, and Saddam loyalists regardless of how well executed the occupation of Iraq might have been. It seems to me that harm in categories (a) and (b) are proximately traceable to our negligence; that's blood on our hands, even if someone else gets to share the blame.

I agree that atrocities were occurring before we arrived

The US isn't the cause of the hate and discord that was already found between the different Muslim factions, but the lack of a plan for success has provided an accelerant for violence.

It has also required that our own citizens remain in harms way for much longer than might have been necessary if a true plan for liberation had been developed for this war.

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That the administration refuses

to keep track of Iraqi civilian OR military casualties makes it hard to take their point of view seriously. I wonder if any historian or statistician has looked into how often "invaders" keep track of casualties vs. those who call themselves "liberators."

It is as if their deaths don't matter.

...and George Bush calls himself a Christian.

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Don't get me started

It's as if their deaths didn't even happen. I read last night on Alternet in Aimee Allison's piece, An Excellent Reason Not to Join the Military how in the military, Iraqis are called Hajji in a derogatory way. She called it this war's term for "gook," a new "n"-word. All in the military's clumsy but effective way to dehumanize an entire category of people.

I know that's how wars are waged, first in the hearts of our own soldiers towards the our country's so-called "enemies." Otherwise, how can you convince people to kill another person? But it's so junior high . . . I really hoped my country could be better than this. aren't very evolved

That doesn't mean we shouldn't expect better.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.