Not a bus driver, not an endorser, and not a lobbyist

He didn't eat that last donut, either.

Woodhouse is not a registered lobbyist. Woodhouse dropped his registration more than a year ago. When Dome asked him about it last week, Woodhouse said, "I am registering," though he doesn't believe he has to.

Asked to elaborate, Woodhouse confided, "The thing is, I've actually got a key to the side-door, so I don't even have to go through the lobby. So I'm not a lobbyist."


Dallas "Not a Lobbyist" Woodhouse

That's Dallas Woodhouse's head in the foreground at the Democratic press conference on H-2 at the State Legislature 1/31. I shot this overhead because Dallas was blocking my view. Afterward, Dallas was in conversation with Rep. Larry Hall (seen in the background) outside. I don't believe they were talking about the Super Bowl. If that's not lobbying I don't know what is. The arrogance of having a "philosophical problem with the state's lobbying laws" is a symptom of the disease of incumbency.

Yeah, I don't get that

If that "philosophical problem" is about government trying to regulate the behavior of lobbyists, that flies in the face of years of complaining by Republicans about corruption and conflicts of interest in the Legislature. Which, by the way, helped to shape the very laws he's (now) objecting to.

Blatant, transparent hypocrisy.

That's a good question

I can't imagine the law is voluntary. Either he is or isn't in violation, his lawyers' opinion notwithstanding.

I have not forgotten

that you called me on my home phone, cursed at me so loudly that my daughter could hear you, and then threatened me. Unless I missed it, you have not apologized. Until that happens, you are not welcome here. I am blocking your account.

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that you called me on my home phone, cursed at me so loudly that my daughter could hear you, and then threatened me. Unless I missed it, you have not apologized. Until that happens, you are not welcome here. I am blocking your account.*James

Not only that, he use the "side door" at your house to let in his pet skunk " Art" and blame it on his evil communist Sissy Pink brother......

Not a lobbyist

Dallas "not a lobbyist" Woodhouse addressing legislators on behalf of AFP today at a committee meeting about annexation.

To my knowledge.


Are Dallas' trespasses more important than the 1 million seniors, minorities, students and poor people instantly disenfranchised by the Republican Voter ID Bill? We can certainly pull people off of that and have them chase Dallas if you prefer...

You're right

I guess we really can't walk and chew gum at the same time. So much for that army of lawyers ready to do battle.

And just to say it, whatever people "we" have working on the Voter ID Bill don't seem to be doing jack shit from what I can see. Unless and until those people file court challenges, SBOE challenges, complaints with the AG, etc., they're spinning their wheels. Art Pope has decreed that the Voter ID bill will be passed, and it will. Republicans don't care about poor, elderly and brown people voting.

If the legislation doesn't get vetoed, it'll have to be challenged in court. In the meantime, we gotta keep that good old boy powder dry. That's proven to be such a winning strategy for the past two years.


Send more gum

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Your Honor! My Client is nuts!

David Parker: Why is Woodhouse not in jail?*James

Simple! He has been judged certifiable, and "Rich neo-con Republicans" do not sent their mentally challenge waterboys to the Slammer..

So now somebody needs to look at

the last two years, to see why he stopped registering and then started back up...

Money money

Mr. Parker.
You let me know how much it will cost to go after the wide-ranging illegal operations of the Show, including the history of illegal lobbying and electioneering by non-profits and I'll raise more than my fair share of the money. I'll also raise money to fund a research project to any graduate student or non-profit willing to explore and document the influence of the Show in North Carolina media, especially at McClatchy.

Mr. Drescher.
What will it cost us to get equal billing with the Show in your newspaper? Do we have to spend the full $15 million a year Pope spends to buy legitimacy for our ideas? It is just a matter of persistence? Do blow jobs help with reporters? Give us some guidance here. You need both money and manufactured news. I have money and can get all the news you want created with the click of a Tweet. So what's the price of entry? And please don't tell me the "experts" at the Show have passed some kind of legitimacy test at the Old Reliable. They're shoveling shit as fast as you can swallow it. What's the secret sign? Do we have to suck up to Rob? To you? Do we have to be best friends forever? What's the deal? Whose back do we have to scratch?

Push polls and manufactured issues

Speaking of the Show shoveling shit, this "poll" from last week was part of a propaganda e-mail I got today:

Will charter schools thrive under the new general assembly?

Yes 82%
No, they will still answer to the DPI 12%
No, the cap won't be lifted 3%
No, kids won't go there 3%

Which coincides with this enigmatic statement from Phil Berger recently:

"There's the perception that DPI (the state Department of Public Instruction) has not been particularly receptive to the idea of charters," Berger said.

It's apparent (to me, anyway) that the Puppetshow created this "DPI vs charters" conflict. And one of the later steps will be Civitas "training" the board or commission that will be created to oversee charters.

People were watching

It goes back to this in 2009. Dallas has been raising eyebrows since. People have noticed him with legislators and have been taking notes and even photographs in the past two years. I think this session it was more brazen and rubbed professional lobbyists the wrong way. One of those things that's hard to prove so sunshine was the best disinfectant. The standard is 5% activity in a 30 day period. That's 20 working days, so 1 day at the legislature triggers a 5% registration requirement. Most lobbyists err on the side of caution.