North Carolinians For A Fair Economy Exposes Harmful Voting Record of Congressman George Holding

North Carolinians for a Fair Economy Advisory Board Members again exposed Congressman George Holding’s harmful voting record on two issues of great importance to his constituents in the 2nd Congressional District:  his 23 votes to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act and his support for the #TrumpHoldingTaxCut that benefits big corporations, millionaires, and billionaires at the expense of working families in his own congressional district.

Former 2nd Congressional District Congressman and NCFE Advisory Board member Bob Etheridge said, “The Trump/Holding tax scam is for the rich, not working families. When 80% of the tax cuts go to the wealthiest 1%, you know who Holding supports.  George Holding owns this tax plan.”

The Rev. Dr. Nancy E. Petty, pastor of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church and NCFE Advisory Board member, listed the numerous ways that Congressman Holding is jeopardizing 20 million Americans who have gained insurance through the ACA. “The repeal of the individual mandate, the proposal to exclude people with preexisting conditions from getting or affording care, massive premium increases, and pushing short-term plans with inadequate coverage are all policies George Holding has supported,” said Rev. Petty. When speaking of the $7 billion proposed cut to CHIP, she asked, “Where is George Holding’s morality?”

Gailya Paliga, president of the NC National Organization for Women and NCFE Advisory Board member made remarks on the significance of today being the 53rd anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid. “Medicare serves as a crucial source of healthcare for seniors and that women account for 54% of Medicare recipients,” Paliga said. “Moreover, Medicaid is a lifeline to those poor, older, and disabled Americans that would not have access to care without this vital program,” she added.

NCFE’s local advisory board and activists have been out in the community letting the people know about Congressman Holding’s record in these important issues:

●  NCFE held a town hall meeting in Wake Forest to hear from constituents who have not benefited from the tax plan.  Congressman Holding was invited to attend but declined.

● NCFE deployed mobile billboards throughout the 2nd Congressional District calling attention
● NCFE purchased a static billboard on US Highway 64 in Nashville near the site of a business that permanently laid off 105 workers that the Trump/Holding tax plan was supposed to protect.
●  NCFE advertised on an airplane banner flying over an event Congressman Holding was attending with several hundred people.
●  NCFE sponsored a major six-figure broadcast and radio advertising campaign over the last several weeks with real folks talking about how George Holding’s sabotage of the ACA has affected them personally.

Working families and children in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District are left behind as Holding ignores the needs of his constituents.  NCFE is there to remind them of Holding’s neglect.

The full remarks can be viewed here: