North Carolina's Sore Loser

A trend on Twitter this morning is based on a New York Times piece titled, "North Carolina's Sore Loser." Names have been left off to protect the innocent.

Dems & Repubs BOTH voted this guy out. Remember that Trumpzoids. NC went Trump but kicked McCrory to the curb

Gov. Pat McCrory, rejected by the voters, is engaging in a shameless attack on the electoral system.

Since GOP voter suppression didn't work, Repub Gov refuses to cede office =>

18 minutes ago
It'll be fun to have a governor who isn't trending on Twitter every 48 hrs, like North Carolina's Sore Loser.

It's time, sir. I know it hurts, & I'm sorry. Pls concede. North Carolina’s Sore Loser

North Carolina's Sore Loser, a white privileged member of the Patriarchy can learn: people don't like losing $ Billions.

Recount in a Democrat-heavy county. Yea, that's totally going to give you votes. Give it up =_=

Complete embarrassment to the state of North Carolina. Give it up, already!

I don't think they're capable of embarrassment, but maybe calling him North Carolina's Sore Loser will help.

"North Carolina's Sore Loser" is trending on Twitter. There's no need to even question who it could be.



One thing this long wait has shown

is that any Democrat down less than 5,000 votes on election night in a statewide race should wait for the official results.

Another is that Pat McCrory and the GOP don't believe in democracy.