North Carolina's Miserable Air Quality

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation has released its list of worst places to live with asthma (coming soon here). The worst 100 places to live includes three North Carolina cities: Greensboro (7), Charlotte (23), and Raleigh-Durham (53). (Article here). Hopefully, these type of studies can convince people that the pollution of North Carolinians has a serious impact on our health and persuade the legislature not to build road after road and neglect public transportation needs.


Gasp . . .

Hey, don't you know that crappy air is just a small price to pay for growin' more bidness? We're the good roads state, son. The free market rules.

more roads + more cars = more money for oil companies

Do you see "kids dying of asthma" in that equation? I don't.

You must be a commie.

Another factor

I looked at the methodology a little closer and another factor weighing against North Carolina are our pro tobacco laws since cigarette smoke also affect asthma patients.