North Carolina Senior Democrats call for repeal of HB2

North Carolina Senior Democrats voted at their statewide convention in Raleigh to call for the General Assembly (NCGA) to repeal of HB2 outright and "reaffirm its support for protecting and advancing the constitutional rights and equitable treatment of all residents and its opposition to discrimination, prejudice, homophobia and transphobia."
The resolution blisters the NCGA for spending $42,000 on a special session, "meanwhile neglecting to act with urgency to address real challenges facing the people of North Carolina:"

There was, during debate among the Senior Democrats at the business meeting on Saturday, no support of any kind for any aspect of HB2. There was discussion of expanding the resolution and addenda are to be attached as they are developed.
None of the Senior Democrats were swayed by #NCGov #McCrory's response to public reaction with a hot-foot dance around the law he so hastily signed. The resolution says that "McCrory's subsequent executive order only reinstates the rights of state government employees to North Carolina court remedies for discrimination, HB2 still bars the great majority of North Carolina workers access to state courts for discrimination claims after such access has been in place for decades," while keeping "some LGBT discrimination in place."
The resolution made clear the Senior Democrats' objection to the HB2 diminishment of the authority of local governments. Specifically, "our state's political leaders have once again taken extreme measures" undercutting the "authority of local governments and have once again used the laws of the State of North Carolina to codify discrimination and division rather than to advance the rights and dignity of North Carolinians."
The resolution further calls for the NC Democratic Party to applaud "the people of Charlotte and the members of the Charlotte City Council for their leadership in standing for dignity and equality in North Carolina's largest city."
Nothing less.