North Carolina. It is our home, and it is growing.

It is growing to be many people's homes. Our North Carolina, with its sirens call of mountains, rich farmland, coastal brilliance, beach bum laid back days and Charlotte Uptown nightlife; NC is now the recepient of more new occupants of any state east of the Mississipi.

Sure. We who live here know why. Obviously, we are NOT keeping it a secret. ;-)

From the Atlanta Constitution-Journal

North Carolina has edged ahead of Georgia as the growth leader east of the Mississippi, according to figures released Monday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

“For the past two years, and especially the past year, North Carolina has grown faster,” said Greg Harper, a demographer with the Census Bureau.

“It’s only a couple-year trend, so it’s hard to say whether that trend continues,” he said.

Only three states east of the Mississippi —- North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina —- ranked in the top 10 for growth rate nationally. Western mountain states and Texas accounted for the rest.

This year Georgia slipped to ninth nationally in growth rate, according to the census. The state grew at a rate of 1.7 percent, adding 162,477 people from July 1, 2007, to July 1, 2008.

Georgia’s total population is estimated at 9.7 million.

“We’re growing, but just not as fast,” said Doug Bachtel, a demographer with the University of Georgia.

In comparison, North Carolina ranked fourth nationally in growth rate and also added slightly more people than Georgia did —- 180,820. North Carolina’s population is estimated at 9.2 million.

Since the 1960s, an important aspect of growth for Georgia and its neighbors has been people moving here from other states, Bachtel said. North Carolina had 98,000 “domestic migrants” from 2007 to 2008, compared with Georgia’s 57,000, said Harper of the Census Bureau.

Georgia's loss is our.....gain? Sure it is.

I moved to North Carolina in 1996. From out west. I had never lived on the east coast or much cared to. Having spent time in the North East working for clients, I found the area interesting, beautiful in its own way, yet the culture and the weather were not favorable to my personal inclinations.

North Carolina. A cool breeze blowing, a wind of change and a new day dawning. I love my new home. I'm willing to share.

As long as those moving in are progressive, of course.


What is YOUR story? Y'all didn't live here all your lives. Even if you did, you stayed for some reason.

Give it up


Came to NC in the Navy

Stationed at Camp Lejeune with 2nd ANGLICO and got out to go to graduate school here in Chapel Hill. Got stuck.


I had just sold the company I owned to a Norwegian

group that wanted me to move to Dutchess County, NY and continue to oversee the daily operations. Just could NOT do it. Simply stated, it was just the wrong place.

Having a couple of bucks set aside from the sale of the company, I decided to put my resume out into the spaces of cyber and see what happened.

Offers showed up from a good amount of companies for varied openings. I visited two of them that were interested out of about 8 that wanted me to visit. (Green Bay, while being a great football city was not even going to cut it).

A company in Greensboro, NC called. They flew me in. Great opportunity. Lovely city. I actually left the morning that Hurricane Fran decided to hit our state to return home. That company put me up for a week. Told me I could live anywhere I wanted in the SE USA. I never needed to get beyond the Greensboro, Raleigh, Charlotte question. I loved this state the instant I got here.

I now live in Wake County, more due to work and family than to anything else. Greensboro, for those that don't live there is a wonderful city. It was my first choice, and although I'm happy where I am today, my wife and I would not quail at returning to Guilford County in an instant.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Came to NC in the Air Force

Last duty station was Pope AFB outside Fayetteville and having married a "Carolina in the world", got out and began my civilian life in the North Carolina...been here ever since (36 years). Finished my undergrad work at Elon College (now Elon University) that I had started in California before entering the Air Force. Originally from Modesto, California, you gotta know there was some culture shock. First thing I had to get over was people wanting to know where I was from. Now? Well, my family and friends back in California say, "you talk like one of them". I also had to figure out what a "hose-pipe" was and "roastin' ears" and did you know sometimes hams get "skippers"???

I worked my entire civilian career right here in the Piedmont and retired June 2007. We've raised 4 "younguns" and have 9 grandkids and still live in the same house all our children were raised in (the "old home place").

The two things I love most about North Carolina are 1). we have all four seasons 2). I'm 3 1/2 hours from Myrtle Beach which (to me) is heaven on earth.

Oh...and sorry...I'm a conservative with some moderate beliefs...not a liberal (just can't seem to use that new "progressive" term yet).

I can see why so many folks choose to move here. It truly is an outstanding state.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

You love NC too, and that is cause for celebration!

I have two grandkids now, and aren't they just the light of your life?

Conservative doesn't mean ignorant, and I'm glad you are here talking with us Smitty. Sometimes progressive OR conservative means "I don't listen" to anything more or less than what I have decided is within my comfort level. With that, you need to know that if you hang around here, with all the incredible smart and insightful members, you will be progressive before too long. ;-)

California is also my place of origin, prior to North Carolina anyway. Mission Viejo, in the O.C.

Now, stop kidding yourself about that conservative thingy and get with the NOW!

LMAO! Just teasing. Be you and be happy.

My pleasure to share my adopted state with your adopted state.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

Yep, grandkids are the real deal

If it's possible to love kids more than your own, it's gotta be your grandkids. I just think I love 'em all equally, actually. I've got this little 2 year-old that was born a premie (1 lb. 12oz.) at Women's Hospital in Greensboro. She had a HUGE struggle...but survived with the EXCELLENT job done by the premie ward there. Oh..sorry, I could go on and on.

As far as being conservative...I think I picked it up while in the service. In the '60's, most servicepeople were conservative-thinking folks and if they were registered to vote (which a great many weren't back then), a lot of them were republicans..although not all, of course. It set my core beliefs in place. That's a "reason", not an "excuse" :>)

I'm a little fiesty about my opinions, so it'll be a HUGE undertaking changing me into a liberal.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

Born here, Lived here, Bittersweet

I was born in North Carolina. I grew up in Mt. Airy, went to college at NCSU in Raleigh & now live in Chapel Hill (as a part time student, may be in grad school next year at UNC) & work in Carrboro, & I've vacationed all up & down our coast. I've got family all around where I grew up of course, but also in Charlotte, Cary, Raleigh, & Greenville. Every birthday I've had, and most of may major accomplishments & life experiences have happened in this state, and while I may eventually move away for work or adventure, I always envisioned myself coming back here.

I've sledded down steep snow covered hills in mountainous area's of the state as a kid after a good snow, I've run down the sand dunes of Jockey's Ridge, I've gazed out across the Atlantic Ocean from atop Hatteras Lighthouse, I saw the rings of Saturn for the first time as a college student through a microscope in a horse pasture in Raleigh away from the city lights, & I've canvassed my neighbors, stood at voting sites, & volunteered for campaigns across Chapel Hill, Carrboro, & Durham as a young adult sharing my beliefs. And in a few months I'll be getting married in the wintry weather in Boston (without a honeymoon b/c I can't afford to go up 3 or 4 days early to do the in person registration, stay until that kicks in, get married, and then have any money left over for a hotel after that - at least in CA I had family that had offered to host my entire stay, until prop 8 happened) because it isn't legal for me to get married in my home state. I want NC to remain my home, but it may eventually drive me away to a state that accepts me.

I've helped create annual charity events, music scholarships, pet food drives, I've increased profits where I work, & am reasonably active in my community. I'm not perfect, but I'm a contributing citizen and a son of North Carolina, and I feel like I'm slowly being driven away. I feel like if I'm forced to get married outside my home state it will start breaking the ties to this state that I so cherish.

With Obama's victory my heart was excited & exposed, but I saw prop 8 pass & I was heartbroken & shattered. When NC went blue it healed me for a time. I was pretty broken up about prop 8 for a while until NC went blue & restored some of my faith. I remember thinking how grateful I was to be in NC & have something to heal me after the loss that was prop 8, and thinking how many people in other states didn't have that to heal them. But with each day bringing my wedding day closer, I feel like I'm getting pushed farther & farther away from here & all the cracks that were sealed are re-opening. Each day that my wedding gets closer is more & more painful, to the point that NC may eventually lose this voice for progressive thinking & many like it to other states. But I'm going to fight it as long as I can.

You are feeling blue. YOUR state is turning blue.

Fight? Yes. Do not stop. Know that those of us that believe in equity will not stop either.

Stay home, if you want. Perhaps equity will not be achieved in the next few years. Equity will be achieved, before long. My children (in their 20's) do not care who you love, why you love or where you love.

It won't be long now. Smile and be sure.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

My mother is from here.

When my parents retired, they decided to move back to Mom's home state from New Jersey, which had been their home for more than 40 years. My brothers were young enough that they moved their home address from NJ to here. One was in the Marines, another decided to go to school at State. My sister moved here with her two small children after an ugly divorce. I was the last one of my family to move here -- also after a divorce.

Yesterday, as I sat in my brother's home, I marveled that we all grew up far from here, we've all landed within 15 miles from each other. I love NC, and call it home, but it's because of my family. I would have settled anywhere they were.

Moved here in 1973

My dad worked for Western Electric (missile stuff), and like many others on the military systems side, he ended up working at the Guilford Center after the ABM Treaty was signed.

It's funny, but I was in the middle of writing a "North Carolina" blog when you posted this. Great minds and all that. :)

This is a very interesting diary

The fact that most of us are not native to North Carolina but fell in love with it anyway is a testimony itself.

I have to admit, when I first moved here, I hated it. I was born in Florida, then lived for two years on this equatorial Pacific Island:

My dad took a helicopter to work and back every day, and I snorkeled home from school at least a couple of times a week. It was definitely a "different" existence, but moving here was more of a shock than moving to the island from Florida had been. I think a big part of it was Ocean Withdrawal Syndrome (I just made that up), and I can clearly remember, a few months later, jumping out of the car before it had completely stopped and running across Carolina Beach toward the blessed sound of waves crashing. :)

Thus began my love affair with our beautiful state.

I was born and raised in a

I was born and raised in a small town in eastern NC. I still live in the same town and can kick a rock to the house I grew up in, where my mother still lives. I can't imagine living anywhere else. I've watched the state grow by leaps and bounds in my 50 years. Some of the changes I've seen have been good and some have been bad.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I came here following after my dream job

in 1983, I took an opening in Greensboro as Art Director for an Outdoor Advertising company. I despised the place. It was January, bleak, ice storms every week, it seemed to me that the chemical companies and massage parlors lined the streets I traveled to get from my hotel room to my office for my first month there. At work, people who seemed SOOOO friendly on the surface were very willing to stick a knife in your back at some later time.

I survived the first year and grew to love the true nature of the place.

moved here when I was 2

We moved here in 1967 (from Ft. Riley, KS) when my dad got out of the Army (Big Red 1) and except for a four year stint in Ga. for grad school and work I have lived here since. I grew up in Mint Hill (Charlotte is our suburb) but have lived in Boone, Banner Elk and Asheville.

kind of a newbie

My wife and I moved here following a depressing move to Martinsville Va from Sacramento Ca. I was born and raised and lived a long time in Orange County California. We took advantage of the housing prices in Ca. Looked at all over the US. I am disabled so we took the crazy profit and did a reverse Beverly Hillbillies.
North Carolina is home! I look at it as California with forests and water. All is green here! Things get brown in Ca for most of the year if not watered.
Love North Carolina, thanks for having me for the last portion of my life.


We're glad you're here!

I've only lived outside the state for a few years. I love North Carolina warts and all.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

NC roots are big time in my family with fame

My family move back to NC in the early 60's after my father success in professional sports and my mother was the head dog of CID military located at Fort Bragg until her retirement......I live and work in Georgia for about 40 years and move back to NC in 2003 to be with " Madame Justice" and of course Duke University Medical Center was my medical provider to keep me going........I have travel this state and know it very well after 2 state wide political campaigns........NC is a great state to live in......

I'm gonna catch it over this......'s all about the "d" and "ed", my friend. Are they missing on your keyboard?

Just askin'.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

SC - this must be the night

for the grammar police! Sometimes I just can't let it go. Neither can you. :)