North Carolina is Grateful for Governor Cooper's Leadership

At a time of unprecedented challenges, including widespread threats to voting rights, devastating impacts of climate change, and continued health risks from a global pandemic, the responsibility of elected officials is to address the most pressing problems at hand.

But instead of working toward what would seem an obvious goal – to better our country for every American – dejected Republicans have retreated to the darkest corners of their party, committing themselves to attacking civil liberties in state houses across the country. Some Governors, like Greg Abbott, have been focused on needless legislative charges, advancing and enacting legislation that restricts ballot access and reproductive rights, and even signing a bill into law this month that bans social media platforms from blocking or removing user posts based on “political viewpoints.”

Meanwhile, Governor Cooper has been fighting for our interests on multiple fronts. From addressing climate change and fighting back on Republican efforts to restrict voter access, to continuing the battle against COVID-19 by pushing for vaccinations. Democratic leadership knows where to place their efforts to ensure essential victories for the American people.

Whereas Democrats are working to promote justice and fight for civil liberties, Republican lawmakers have prioritized needless and dangerous legislative proposals.

While many of the recent efforts by Governor Abbott are likely to face legal challenges, it is disheartening nonetheless. I can only hope that the American people will see Republicans’ rejection of good faith politics for what it is and refocus their commitment to elevating leaders, like Governor Cooper, who are truly interested in advancing our communities.

Bobbie Richardson

Bobbie Richardson serves as the Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party