North Carolina Forward and Backward

First, the good news: NC is on the verge of shaking its most corrupt national politician (yes, that excludes Speaker Black). RealValues has the scoop, but the numbers for Dem challenger Heath Shuler look good. This is no doubt also seen as good news by Republican primary challenger John Armor (who has been hanging out with the progressives). Maybe he'll get a shot at the title after all.

Then the bad news: the rest of the world probably thinks we're all a bunch of dumb racist rednecks after UPI's story on Raleigh's Confederate Flag Day:

The event -- which the newspaper described as all-white -- was sponsored by the N.C. Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Many Americans, black and white, see a link between the confederate flag and a pro-slavery, Jim Crow, white supremacy attitude, the newspaper said, but the flag is still honored in the south.

University of South Carolina history professor Clyde Wilson said the response to the confederate flag is only a mask for a hatred for the South.

United Press International - NewsTrack - N.C. celebrates confederate flag

Really? All white? Huh. My favorite line: "the flag is still honored in the south." That's like saying "Americans still practice torture." I don't! I for one am glad that the south lost its fight to retain a slave-driven economy. Just in case anyone was wondering where I stand on outcome the Civil War.


The patriarchy runs deep

in the south. White old men in charge of blacks and women. That's the world they're nostalgic for. They want to go back. They want to re-create some fantasy world like they think things used to be. They don't know you can never go back. They are ignorant jerks.


Armor has, to his advantage, a tremendously strong sense of integrity- much moreso than Taylor- but Armor is also more conservative. I am not sure who Shuler would have a better chance against. Hopeful Taylor will get bruised up in the GOP primaries and flanked from the conservative side with accusation of being a crook, but win nonetheless. Then, in the general he would already be seen as unethical, and that would be enough to push some folks off the fence and into our backyard.

I like this analysis.

But the accusation of being a crook? I thought it was well-established that Charles Taylor will do anything, legal or not, to line his pockets at taxpayer expense. Okay. Maybe he's not a crook. Just a scumbag.

Not even a battle flag

These people delude themselves into thinking they are celebrating the underdog fighting ability of the Confederate Army - which kicked the Union Army's ass far more often than it should have based on size and equipment. Only one problem with that:

Many people generally recognized this flag as the symbol of the South but it never flew over any official building in the Confederacy. It was not the official flag of the Confederate States of America nor the Battle flag. It was flown primarily on Confederate naval vessels, and was also used by a few units in the'Army of Tennessee', one of the main forces in the Western field of operations. Today it is the most commonly seen Confederate flag, mainly because its dimensions are similar to those of the United States flag and this is convenient for the flag manufacturers.

There was no single battle flag of the Confederacy, but the Blue Bonnie was the flag of "the South".

Many states used variations of this flag, but not all of the lone star flags were blue many were of other colors as were the stars. But the single star ties them all together. In January 1861 Mississippi officially adopted the 'Bonnie Blue Flag' and it was incorporated as a canton in the flag of the new Republic of Mississippi. With Mississippi's secession document being signed on the 9 January 1861 a ceremony was held at the capitol building at Jackson when large blue flag bearing a single white star, the 'Bonnie Blue Flag', was raised over the building. While to the people this flag represented 'The South' and the Confederate government considered it along with others as the national flag.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


To you and I, yes, crooked. But in the eyes of the conservative voters who are skeptical of such accusations, hearing it from Armor, a like-minded Republican, might make it harder for Chuck to shake off.