North Carolina to Change Flag

Not really, but with the passage of Amendment One, the majority in North Carolina has shown the world that civil rights, left to the whims of an electorate that voted for Jessie Helms time and time again, will consistently be abridged. Helms, supported by this electorate, called homosexuals "weak, morally sick wretches."

Progressives in this state look at the fancy new buildings going up in Raleigh and the Democratic Convention prep in Charlotte; and we think maybe this state with such a divisive and racist past has been sufficiently diluted with northern, western, or eastern relocation, to counter-balance the old diehards.

With one of highest unemployment stats in the nation, we just spent our money and effort, not to help jumpstart our economy; fund educational programs, or assist many of the homeless people hanging out in downtown Raleigh; but instead to include an "I'm better than you bastards" statute in our constitution. In our freakin CONSTITUTION.

I hate saying, "I'm not gay" as prelude to a point, because it purports to infer that there is something inherently wrong with that, but for context, I will say, if my state just voted to deny me the same rights that everyone else enjoys, I'd be pretty P.O.ed.

And African Americans....If you voted to deny civil rights to gay couples when not too long ago we were not allowed to vote in this state, you should be ashamed...this same legislative house that threw their bodies down in front of us at polling places and now they are trying to do the same, once again, with these new voter suppression laws cynically targeting potential Democratic voters. You were used like a slave overseer given better chow to keep the others in line.

Let's take it a little further... Let's add the date "1952" to the flag so people living in 2012 and beyond can get a heads-up as to the mindset of the state. That way if they have a large company that can provide jobs, or are looking for some nice place to hold a convention, they can look elsewhere.


Jesse Helms was right. If you

Jesse Helms was right.
If you don't like my State's Constitution, 95 goes North and South.
40 goes West.....Pick one.

I was born and raised here

and I'm not going anywhere asshole. Some people like myself are life long NC residents, straight in straight marriages, but have a live and let live attitude. It is none of my business or yours how someone else chooses to live their life. One would think in a "free" country, people would be allowed to live their life in any way they see fit as long as it doesn't effect the freedom of someone else. We are still waiting for a valid explanation of how someone else marrying someone of the same sex infringes upon your freedom in anyway.

North Carolina as a sad history

of being a place divided. The Civil War saw brothers fighting brothers here. The Civil Rights movement was strong here and Jesse Helms reigned for 30 years here.

I don't know when it started and I don't know if she will ever heal.