North Carolina 25th in Taxes Charged

With conservatives always clamoring over being overtaxed by the state, including three of the Civitas Foundation's seven goals for this year being elimination of one tax or another, it is always important to take a deep breath of reality. As the Triangle Business Journal reports today, North Carolina is 25th in the nation in how much tax they charge residents:

North Carolinians paid $2,146.68 per capita in state taxes last year, enough to earn the state a 25th ranking among all 50 states. The state ranked 25th in 2004 as well.

On top of that, four states in the South rank above North Carolina in the amount of taxes charged per citizen (Maryland, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Kentucky). So stop letting these conservatives keep claiming that North Carolina is a high tax state.


That's mean.

Or should I say "the mean."

I know wingers would like us to be 50th, down there with other southern states like South Carolina and Alabama where the po' folk know their place.

For my part, the size of the tax picture matters far less than how we're spending the money. I'd gladly pay higher taxes if it meant we were cleaning our air and protecting our parks and opens spaces, and helping our kids get through high school with a decent education.

Funny - when I went to pick Katie up from school

I had to drive by UNCC to run an errand and saw a man walking up the road with his groceries and carrying a sign that read, "No more taxes".

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