"No Way, No How, No McCain!" Day 2 Democratic National Convention Highlights (Videos)

Rachel Maddow is right. Hillary hit it out of the park tonight.

Hillary didn't just tell her supporters that she's supporting Barack Obama, she asked her supporters why they supported her (read WHY would you support John McCain)?

While it was anticipated that speakers would slam McCain, the hits exceeded expectations.




Oh, yeah...


I loved how...

Gov. Brian Schweitzer slamed McCain's "Drill here, drill now" one track energy plan.

NCDem Amy on YouTube

Kucinich was amazing.

Thank you so much for getting that up on Youtube. Just watch how the folks gradually get into it. In my opinion, he was the only non-primetime speaker that truly hit everything directly on the head. I love that man.

Sebelius had a few zingers, too. "There's no place like home ...or a home, ...or a home, ...or a home, ...or a home."

Kucinich speech - first draft edit...

via The Hill:

Yet not every speech has been completely overhauled. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), who was asked by Obama to speak about the economy, was scheduled to deliver his speech Tuesday afternoon. The Obama campaign struck just one line from his speech, which slammed the Republicans and the Bush administration, according to a Democratic source.

That line, addressing Republicans, read: "They’re asking for another four years — in a just world, they’d get 10 to 20."

McCain's Batman impersonation.

Those of you keeping up exclusively with Convention coverage most likely haven't been keeping tabs with McCain. I'm here to tell you, you have not missed much. In fact, McCain's just doing his best old school Batman impersonation and responding to questions with one simple answer:


A noun. A verb. P.O.W.

Thanks for catching us up on McCain news. ;)

NCDem Amy on YouTube

That speech was awesome.

Hillary was her absolutely best self last night. Very inspiring.


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oh hell yeah


She did deliver and it was indeed heartening, inspiring and all that other great stuff!

Now we have to count on Bill to come through tonight and make us love him again. You know he wants to, so this will have to be his FINEST!

C'mon Bill, you can do it!!!

Talk about POW!!!

What a magnificent moment. What an amazing woman. Did you see the floor count?

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