No thanks.

This poll has been all over the news, but it leaves me pretty uninspired.

Democrats most likely to vote in the Iowa presidential caucus in 2008 prefer former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards over New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, a new poll shows. In The Des Moines Register poll, Edwards received 30% of the vote, compared with 26% for Clinton and 12% for Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the party's nominee in 2004. The paper said it was the first poll showing anyone besides Clinton as the preferred Democrat in the race for the White House.

Given the destruction and divisions that King George has wrought over the past six years, the last thing America needs is another divisive president. I like Hillary on most (but by not means all) of the issues, but I don't like the fact that she'd be a lightning rod for wingers and wackos that would continue to rip this country apart. And as for John Edwards, he's a terrifically nice guy, but he's also a two-time loser. He lost as the VP candidate on the Kerry ticket, and he lost the voters of NC by being a one-term half-baked Senator.

We'll have to do better than either of these.


Bill Frist has been to Iowa

13 think he wants the nomination?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

He's a divider

not a uniter. You bet he wants to follow in King George's bloody footsteps.

My 2008 great democratic hope ...

I love John Edwards. He's doing great work. But I just listened to General Wesley Clark's speech at this past weekend's Texas Democratic Convention. (It's posted at YouTube.)

The man is awesome. I mean, my eyes were welling up with American pride one second and I was getting pissed at the Bushites all over again the next second. Wes Clark is awesome. Period. I'd vote for him any day of the week.

I'm with you there.

I was involved in the Draft Clark movement prior to the last election and got to know him at least a little. We talked a couple of times and I felt completely able to trust what he said. In the years since, he's improved dramatically in terms of public speaking. (He still sucks at telling jokes.) I've also known Mark Warner for years and feel very good about the competence he brings to governing.

Once you get past those two, I have no interest in anyone besides Gore.

Honestly, I cant think of anyone inspiring.

I was a huge Edwards-ite back in the day, and still have waaay too many connections in that camp. However he doesn't inspire me like he used too. I sense too much DC inside the Beltway thinking.

However that being said, he's an obvious choice over Hillary. She's the death kneel of the 08 elections for Democrats. If you think otherwise, then I want some of that KoolAid. And who's after that, John Kerry? Oh boy.

But do we even have an inspiring candidate at all for even half of the makeup of the Democratic Party? Al Gore? Big time quitter. Wes Clark? Can the blogging nation really be that powerful? Dean? He could if he wasnt awash in himself as DNC Chair.

Not to be snide to anyone's opinions, (hell Edwards is an idiot for using NC as a springboard, even if that wasnt his 1998 intention) but can any of these people move a Party? Nevertheless a country?

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

18 months from a primary - certainty is not necessary

That was Kerry's loss, not Edwards. Kerry's people did a horrible job of taking advantage of Edwards likeability and popularity - they decided he was their only hope at a futile, underfunded effort to draw rural voters.

It's probably a good historical point to note that there is another candidate that ran for President after losing as VP and with precious little experience in the Senate - his name was Kennedy. And this was before that name meant much more than the SEC and liquor.

Edwards may not be currently holding a power position, but in analyzing his chances, rather than casting odd aspersions at him ("half-baked senator" - would you like overripeness of the Kerry or Clinton sort?) and North Carolina (umm, if NC is an idiotic place to launch a presidential run, what the hell is Arkansas?), perhaps it would be important to look at what democratic voters want:

Likeable: check

Progressive: check (is there a more progressive issue than poverty, work and opportunity?)

charismatic: double check

Values-oriented : check

Smart : check (unless you want to concede the MSM's paradigm that attractive means not quite so smart - and if you do, you never saw him give a closing argument)

Southern: check

Edwards has got to make things happen, and he is at an incredible disadvantage in free media. But he is a great campaigner (as the Iowa poll indicates, albeit only tenatively) and he has the ability to stick to his beliefs that makes voters feel comfortable with where he stands. His only liability is his lacking a resume on defense issues.

I'm not saying you should be jumping on Edwards band-wagon. But 18 months from a primary vote, it's a good thing we don't have a lock for the nomination (in today's politics that's a death warrant). And right now, no one has had the chance to campaign to build up the kind of visible support that calms the nerves of politicos. Democracy is fun to watch, and even better to participate in. But sometimes you need to just let it happen a little.

Lettin' it happen.

(I'm the previous Anonymous on this thread.)

I'm in no hurry to pick a candidate. I just hope the Beltway bozos don't crash the train before they get it out of the yard, if you know what I mean. Hillary is a great Senator from New York, no doubt. I'd love to see here stay the Senator from New York.

Edwards, on the other hand, is one of the most charasmatic speakers I've ever heard. He's got real passion and real belief in what he talks about. I have no doubt he's smart as hell and has the guts to be President. Big double Ditto for Clark.

So ... Wes Clark. John Edwards. Sounds like sweet Halleluia and Amen to this middle-class, "rather be fishin", mostly-worried-about -paying-the-bills-every-month, single parent.

And I promise you ... I am NOT the only one.

Just for the heck of it, go listen to Clark's speech at YouTube. You can find it through

Both Clark and Edwards speak to Middle America. They are from us, they know us, and they believe in us. They see what the crushing of the middle classes is doing to this country.

But most importantly, Clark and Edwards both believe that we CAN turn it around ... no matter how bad it is. You can hear it in their voices. They believe. And belief is contagious. And it's that belief, that courageous contagious belief, (and a generous helping of "smart-as-hell") that we need so desperately at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Personally, I'd follow either one of 'em into the mouth of hell if that's what it takes to put this great country back on her true and honorable path again.

Nice post...

but it looks like we will be following them out of the mouth of hell. I'm pretty sure that's where we are now after 6 years of Dubya.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I stand corrected. We'd be following them out.

After six years of w and his Conservative prinicples applied across the board ... without moderation ... from the left or from the middle ... or even from that rarest of birds, the "moderate" Conservative, I'd have to say we're all probably sittin' on Hell's tongue ... just one more a-hole terrorist attack or catastrophic natural disaster from slippin' in.

Pray Nature's God has pity and spares us for a few summers.

Pray our Homeland Security folks got their jobs because they're honest to God professional Homeland Security people, rather than money raisers who made it Bush "Ranger" status in the last election.

Homeland Security?

I doubt it quite took Ranger status. I's not like this is sought after...between Homeland Security and FEMA they can't get anyone to take jobs with the gov'ment anymore. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I had not thought about that.

If I had worked for FEMA or Homeland Security for the last few years ... would I put that on my resume?

Can you imagine being the poor ex-FEMA guy in a job interview ... and somebody says, "Can you give us an example of a successful project you were involved with in your last job; the team's task, some of the challenges you faced, how you worked through them, and how you personally contributed to the success of the project?"

dOH. Almost worth letting the interviewer think you were unemployed for a couple years rather than admit to being within a thousand miles of the NOLA FEMA response and recovery team.


Can you imagine being the poor ex-FEMA guy in a job interview ... and somebody says, "Can you give us an example of a successful project you were involved with in your last job; the team's task, some of the challenges you faced, how you worked through them, and how you personally contributed to the success of the project?"

This is almost too sad to be funny.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.