No safe space: Girls in NC schools face sexual exploitation


From people who are supposed to help them, no less:

Court files unsealed last week allege that the student had been meeting with Evans on a weekly basis since her ninth-grade year. The school assigned her to Evans, with her parents’ knowledge, after she experienced bullying.

Those meetings gradually increased in frequency throughout the student’s sophomore and junior years to the point that the student says she was in Evans’ office almost daily. Sexual encounters allegedly began to take place in Evans’ office at Pinecrest at the end of the plaintiff’s sophomore year. The plaintiff also places several of the alleged sexual encounters at Evans’ Aberdeen home.

And once again our court system has let down a young girl who was violated by an authority figure, in this case a school resource officer (cop). The jury refused to convict him, and the DA refused to pursue further investigations of other encounters. And it's not just underfunded public schools where girls are unsafe, as these Asheville women will attest:

Jayne, assistant capital defender with the North Carolina Capital Defender Office, claims in her letter that the school mishandled in multiple ways the federally-mandated investigation that found no fault with the alleged attacker, while at the same time “outing” and “victim-shaming” Agnes, a child who should have been legally protected by the school just as parents are expected to.

“The Asheville School Board of Trustees is the root of the problem. Until the head of the snake goes, the rest is not going to get cleaned up,” Jayne told the Citizen Times as to why she was calling for the resignation of the two men.

In that Title IX investigation, the male student admitted to the sexual act in a sworn affidavit. The Title IX report is not a public document, but a copy was obtained by the Citizen Times. The school refuses to say if the boy remains enrolled at the prestigious high school, which costs $63,000 a year.

Agnes Hill left the school after her sophomore year, saying she was continually harassed by the boy and his friends. Her father, Dr. Michael Hill, who was head of the Math Department for nearly 17 years, resigned at the end of October and moved his family off campus out of fear for their safety, he said.

Sgro offered Hill his salary through the end of his contract if he would sign a document agreeing to waive his First Amendment rights and those of his wife and three daughters, to ever speak of the alleged assault or Title IX investigation.

Michael Hill declined. When questioned by the Citizen Times, Sgro claimed he never made the offer. The Citizen Times viewed the non-disclosure agreement, which was signed by Sgro.

I feel like I need to take another shower. So (very) tired of these "rich boy gets away with rape" stories.