No refuge: Transgender youth persecuted by their families first

It's no wonder the suicide rate is so high:

28 – percentage of transgender or nonbinary youth who attempted suicide who reported they had been subjected to so-called “conversion therapy.”

78 – percentage of transgender or nonbinary youth who reported that they were under the age of 18 when they were subjected to “conversion therapy.”

40 – percentage of transgender or nonbinary youth who reported being physically threatened or harmed due to their gender identity.

50 – percentage of transgender or nonbinary youth who reported being kicked out of their homes.

To call those numbers "shameful" is a gross understatement. Children are the greatest responsibility an adult can have, and tossing them out if you can't "fix" them is the height of selfish irresponsibility. It's also criminal, or at least it's supposed to be. Conversion therapy is psychologically abusive and, in many cases, also physically abusive. Of course Republicans know this, but they refuse to stop it. And they also don't care if NC gets negative national exposure for promoting violence against transgender youth:

Additionally, government and school employees, among other professionals, are mandated to report to a child’s parents in writing if their child is exhibiting any symptoms of gender dysphoria or gender nonconformity.

Parents would also be allowed to withhold mental health services and other treatments and activities that “are designed and intended to form their child's conceptions of sex and gender or to treat gender dysphoria or gender nonconformity.”

The bill also legalizes therapies and counseling based on “conscience or religious belief.”

This is one of those issues where you simply cannot stand on the sidelines. These young people need our empathy, sympathy, and protection. Way too many of them are not getting those things at home, and that makes it "our" business.



Where did this trans bigotry come from?

There's a Twitter thread that's essential reading on how the right ramped up attacks on Trans people over the past few years and how it's a central strategy for driving bigots and evangelicals out to vote.

NC, of course, figures prominently in this strategy, with the big debate about HB2.

The only thing missing from this timeline is how the Trump campaign tried to use Trans rights as a wedge issue in the gay community - the "Gay for Trump" group, organized by a guy in Greensboro, was specifically bigoted against Trans people.