N&O Loves Sue

Sometimes I write letters to the editor in hopes of getting them published. But sometimes I write them to try to knock some sense into a reporter. This morning's Old Unreliable does a puff piece on Sue Myrick that's enough to turn your stomach. Which prompted my short letter to the reporter in their DC bureau who wrote this crap.

Dear Barbara,

Seriously, you ought to be getting paid by the RNC for the great job you’re doing . . . or then again, maybe you are getting paid by them. In either case, I’m sure they’re very happy with your softball non-news coverage of their darling Sue. Thank God I’m not spending my own money to read this drivel.

We have many jobs. Bringing forth good ideas. Stopping bad ideas. And watching the so-called watchdogs in the media. Sometimes it's this last category that worries me most. We have to get good at counterpunching.

Write Barbara Barrett yourself: bbarrett@mcclatchydc.com



I will be contacting Babs.... I'll let you know what I write. My first impression....big effing deal that Myrick cussed her President. I cuss him several times a day. Myrick's only cussed him once!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

why bother

reading the news and observer at all any more? waste of time and paper.