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we ♥ the lottery!

wlos, our local sinclair mouthpiece here in asheville, did a vox populi story about the impending lottery a few days ago, with the angle of "some critics are criticizing the lottery, saying that some retailers are targeting poor neighborhoods". and, of course, for their location wlos picked the whitest, trashiest, down-the-street-from-a-trailer-park-est convenience store in asheville, and the people they talked to looked like the ones that spend hours at a time sitting in front of the video poker machines anyway. when one woman was asked how much $ she was going to spend a week on lottery tickets, she said "well, i'm on disability, so -" and that's all i needed to hear right there.

"when i win the lottery, i'm gonna buy post 306 of the american legion and paint it red with five gold stars." - camper van beethoven

That is too rich.

But how did you get that little heart in there?

Camper van Beethoven?

You just made my ever lovin' day. Sometimes the lyrics to the Militia Song (from their new stuff) just randomly pop into my head. "Let's get those commies. Don't forget the queers, and their intellectual allies!"


Brilliant N&O Reporting

Final sales numbers were not yet in, but players bought roughly $6.5 million in tickets and won about $1.3 million in prizes in the lottery's first 10 hours, officials said. The sales were already triple what officials had predicted for the first day, and the numbers did not include the after-work rush.

Most players lost their money Thursday.

I wonder how long it took them to run the numbers to realize that wiht 1 million in prizes to 6 million spent, most people lost money.

Also, Tom Shaheen is an Idiot

I had not seen this new lottery director, Tom Shaheen, say anything until last night's North Carolina Now. What I heard was hillarious. He was asked whether about criticisms that the lottery preyed on poor people, and he replied that "prey" was a strong strong word and "poor" should not be confused with "stupid". I asked for the transcript, but NC Now has not gotten back to me.

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on winxp start menu: accessories - system tools - character map

the card suit symbols are part of the "symbols and dingbats" subrange of unicode text.


Easy for you to say.


Like that A....I know...I never use it either. Thanks, syntax for reminding me. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own. that one was pretty bad

I am sitting here yakking and I need to go get ready to pick E'beth up. Urgh. I was getting excited b/c the rain was spoiling my plans to work outside. Thought I could blog today.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

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