N&O, Char-O cutting staff

Further update: N&O shedding 70 jobs, consolidating editions down to two: State and Final. Publishers' message to staff.
McClatchy cutting workforce 10 percent citing slow ad sales.
(Then, there's the matter of all that debt.)
Bloomberg says the tally will reach 1400 jobs.
Via the N&O: Serious cuts at the Char-O including 22 newsroom positions.

It was not immediately clear how the N&O will be affected by today's announcement. More details are expected after affected employees are notified.

At The Charlotte Observer, which McClatchy also owns, publisher Ann Caulkins told staff this morning that newspaper will trim its work force by 123 positions, or 11.1 percent. The cuts will include 22 jobs in the newsroom.


Let me help them make the decisions

I know a few writers at the Big O that I would love to see laid off.

"jump in where you can and hang on"
Briscoe Darling to Sheriff Andy

One of the laid off reporters...

... is unfortunately Charlotte Observer employee Sharif Durhams, who did all the local political reporting for Cabarrus County. I always saw him at city council and county board meetings and had a very good rapport with him during some protests I organized. He also seemed excited about the Obama campaign.
He announced his departure in his local traffic column this past Sunday:

Unfortunately, folks, I'm driving off, and I won't be back.
The economy has forced the Observer to trim its staff. I'm one of 15 newsroom employees who volunteered to take one of the company's buyouts.

His excellent reporting will be missed. I'm afraid we'll have even less local political news now.

Left on 49

You're right, T

Sharif Durhams did an excellent job for the most part. I can't recall the specific article, but I do recall at one point being very impressed with something he'd written.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

About Sharif

For those of you who were fans of Sharif's, I'm delighted to say that he's landed on his feet (no shock there) with a job in Milwaukee. He's not exactly thrilled about the change in climate, but it's a thriving news community and he's got friends there.

Good for him. We'll miss him terribly, but I'm happy he's okay.

I only wish I could say the same for the other 200 or so folks who got laid off today from NC papers.

Laura Leslie
(Barkeep, Isaac Hunter's Tavern)

Laura Leslie
blogger/reporter for WRAL @NCCapitol
Former Barkeep of Isaac Hunter's Tavern

Thanks for the update, Laura

Not shocked at all that he landed on his feet and Milwaukee is a beautiful city.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I just know that no one used to do as good a job....

...at covering local political news as the local paper. But when papers consolidated to get higher profits (that was their number one goal - not being first with the news) the news started to suffer. Now I spend more time reading between the lines on stories I know about to see what they missed out on - and wonder if they do that with the other stories as well.

I also know how the N&O has been playing favorites with certain candidates for Labor Commissioner this year because the former commissioner was married to an N&O columnist. And that means that some candidates for Commissioner this year aren't getting a fair shake.