N&O Calls Out Kissell

Yesterday's Under The Dome definitly called out the Kissell campaign on jumping the shark on Hayes' apperance at the July 4th Bush love fest.

What is amazing here is the lack of balanced reporting on the whole thing. Yes Hayes met with Bush. Yes he was there. However he was not recorded as being seen with the President in public. Which to any political science graduate worth his degree, knows is a world of difference.

Hayes For Stubs Toe

Schoolteacher Larry Kissell, the Democrat trying to unseat Republican U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes in the 8th District, issued a blaring statement that said Hayes is a flip-flopping, unloyal and "fair-weather friend" of President Bush who skipped Bush's visit to Fort Bragg this week to head "for the hills."

Problem is, Hayes met with Bush at Fort Bragg on Tuesday and then stuck around for an Independence Day celebration.

"This attack is not only outrageous, it's just bizarre," said Carolyn Hern, a spokeswoman for Hayes.

She said Hayes ate with the troops at a luncheon the president also attended. Hayes and Bush talked briefly, Hern said.

Kissell's news release and statements were issued under a headline that blasted Hayes for skipping the Bush visit. It suggested that Hayes did not want to be associated with Bush because of the president's immigration policies.

A Kissell spokesman was unapologetic about the error, saying it was based on news reports that suggested that Hayes might not attend the Bush visit.

The spokesman, Steve Hudson, said the campaign didn't spot Hayes or hear him mentioned when the president gave a 30-minute speech to troops.

Told of Hayes' presence, Hudson said: "It was evident to us that he wasn't at any of the public events, then."

Maybe Kissell's people did jump a little too fast on this whole thing. But in the manner of their comments about Hayes is true. He was no where in the public eye near Bush.

I guess it would be an extra paragraph too long to explain the real deal here for the N&O.


The N&O got it wrong

Working for Change covered this too in a blog entry yesterday. It looks to me like Hayes has been caught red-handed and red-faced in a flat-out lie.

Fact is...even if Hayes was there

he wasn't there. When the President of the United States comes to town and a loyal puppet and apologist fails to be seen with, photographed with or interviewed about said President then he essentially wasn't there.

The point remains that Hayes didn't want to be seen with Bush. Now the point actually got some press. Nice job, Steve. What had been a non-issue is now an issue. Sometimes getting it wrong can be a good thing.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I Want Hayes to Produce Pictures

I want Hayes to produce pictures with him and Bush at the event. Surely he would have some being there and all (and never knowing a politician who shied away from the camera). If Hayes cannot produce the picture, he was not there. If he can, we have another great picture of the Hayes and the man who convinced him to sell his constituents down the river with CAFTA.

I concur

at the least he should provide photos equal to those that show Bush in the Alabama National Guard...

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Sorry I'm late to the party....

but Yankee Blue makes a good point. N & O treated this like a Page6 catfight instead of asking the appropriate questions.

1. If Hayes was there, why so shy? No press mention, no pictures, not even a blurb on their own website.

2. If Hayes wasn't there, why are they lying?

Either way, the Hayes camp looks ridiculous.

And thats exactly what I was trying to convey

Believe you me, i don't buy Hayes' Kool Aid for a second. But the N&O sure did.

Has anyone called them out on it?

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Andy's entire response to my

Andy's entire response to my email:

What we reported was accurate...


I understand that to mean something like, "weeellll, it's technically true." Look, if I wrote the N&O and told them that Hayes is engaged in trafficking illegal child labor, would the N&O publish an article saying "Lance McCord says....." and defend itself on the basis of mere technical accuracy? acurliss@newsobserver.com.

Thanks Lance

I'm gonna jump on that.

Be just, and fear not.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.