Nine Years After ACA Expanded Access to Health Care, North Carolinians Call on State Lawmakers, Senator Tillis to Protect and Expand Law

As the anniversary of the passage Affordable Care Act approaches on Saturday, advocates from across North Carolina urged lawmakers to stand with them and protect their care against partisan repeal and sabotage efforts at a press conference at the General Assembly.

Nine years after the Affordable Care Act first became law, the uninsured rate in North Carolina has dropped by over 5 percent and insurers can no longer deny, drop or limit the care available to the nearly 4 million who live with a pre-existing condition. Personal bankruptcy filings have been cut in half nationally, out of pocket spending has dropped by double digits, and millions of young adults can stay on their parents plan until age 26.

Yesterday, North Carolinians shared personal stories about the ACA’s impact on their lives and explained why it is vital that Senator Tillis stand up against the relentless attempts to undo the ACA, and why state legislators must expand Medicaid in North Carolina.

Montica Talmadge, a North Carolinian with a pre-existing condition, called out the hypocrisy of lawmakers who have pledged to support their constituents’ health care and later voted against them. “Senator Thom Tillis previously said that he supports protecting people with pre-existing conditions, but voted to give a lifetime appointment to a lawyer who led the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act and eliminate health care conditions for people like me.”

Stacy Staggs of Charlotte shared the health care story of her twin daughters that were born prematurely and rely on Medicaid for coverage. “I am so grateful that my girls were born after the Affordable Care Act was put in place...we’ve been able to make decisions about their care without the threat of medical bankruptcy.”

Rep. Carla Cunningham added, “We must continue speaking out on health care, holding leaders accountable, and demanding that they protect our care.”

The entire press conference can be viewed here.