Nine days and counting

Hello Blue. Thought I'd make a cameo for the countdown.
Plenty out there to latch on ta.
Palin keeps the wardrobe ball in the air
• TPM reader has an excellent point about Alaska and gifting
Awful campaign or just bum luck?
• A chopped up 2001 interview dominates the universe — not (go look at Drudge if ya want, I'm not linking from here)
• Beer me some poll analysis, Nate
Closing argument time
The Fix says NC red, but hedges a bit on that
Ok, now go vote.


Blackwater connection to "yes" on Prop 8 in CA

hat tip to that twittering fool Christopher.

The Blackwater Connection To Yes On 8

Among the biggest contributors to the campaign to strip gay married couples of their equality:

Holland resident Elsa Prince Broekhuizen has pumped $450,000 into a Nov. 4 California ballot issue to ban gay marriage. It is one of the largest private donations to that cause.

Elsa Prince Broekhuizen is the mother of far right mercenary and Bush crony, Erik Prince, of Blackwater fame.

Speaking of Blackwater

and not to hijack here, but thought those interested in Blackwater might want to know that the movie, 'War, Inc.' which I think is about that group, is out on dvd now.