Nina Szlosberg-Landis announces her intentions to run for NCDP 1st Vice Chair

Like many SEC members, I got an e-mail from Nina Szlosberg-Landis yesterday, announcing her intention to run for 1st Vice Chair of the NCDP.

Dear Members of the State Executive Committee:

I have met many of you over the last several years as we have worked together to move North Carolina forward. For those I have not met, my name is Nina Szlosberg-Landis. Over the past few weeks I have spoken to many of you regarding the 2012 election and the lessons that we learned together.

We have suffered through two very tough election cycles with devastating outcomes. We have experienced bitter defeats together and now we face an executive branch and legislature in Republican hands. Nine of our thirteen members of Congress are Republicans. Thankfully, we held on to many of the Council of State positions, but had to fight tough, well financed opponents. Republicans made historic gains on N.C. County Commissions and now hold the majority of commission seats and control most N.C. counties.

I know I don't have to tell you all of that — you lived it. Every one of you worked tirelessly to win races in your county, and the surrounding areas, because you believe, as I do, in a North Carolina that looks forward, instead of back. I know that we share the values that allowed Terry Sanford to stand up for equality, the same values that gave Jim Hunt the desire to stand up for our children and their education, and the same values that made all of us Democrats — a belief in equality, a belief that we're all in this together, and a belief that we must stand up for the voiceless.

I am announcing in the next few days that I plan to run for First Vice Chair of the NC Democratic Party. I believe that it is time to rebuild our Democratic Party from the ground up and I hope to work with all of you, and our next Chair, to do just that.

I have been involved in party politics for a long time now; working at the grassroots and grass tops levels. Organizing and raising money. Developing strategy and helping implement tactics. And now, I hope to dedicate the next two years supporting our party, supporting you and working to organize, organize, organize. We must be successful in 2014. Too many children run the risk of losing out if we do not elect more Democrats to stand up for public education. Too much of our state's natural beauty is at risk as they prepare to chop away at environmental protections.

I have dedicated my life to public service. I serve on the Board of Lillian's List and the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters. I have worked to revitalize my own community. I have knocked on doors for Democratic candidates and rolled up my sleeves to do all that was necessary.

I know that we share a common commitment to action and to building our Party, and state, from the ground up.

I will be calling on you in the days ahead to seek your input on how we move forward. Our next Vice Chair must be able to work with the Chair to raise money, communicate our agenda, and create an environment of trust, transparency and accountability at the Goodwin House. And, perhaps most importantly, our next Vice Chair must be willing to roll up their sleeves and dedicate themselves to working with all 100 counties, and all of you, to win elections and build a strong foundation for the future.

Please email me, text or call (919.XXX.XXXX) Now is the time to engage in a conversation about the future of our Party. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Thank you all for your help and support. Working together, we can win back NC. We must.

Warmest Regards,

Nina Szlosberg-Landis

Of course there are many folks who think that Nina would be a great Chair - and not just by virtue of her being a woman. She's been involved in the leadership of many organization other than the Democratic Party.

There was one part of her e-mail that really attracted my attention:

I have been involved in party politics for a long time now; working at the grassroots and grass tops levels. Organizing and raising money. Developing strategy and helping implement tactics.

But that's just it - I've been very involved in the Wake County Democratic Party since 2004, and the NCDP since 2005/2006, and I believe I have run across Nina exactly one time.

So I sent her a response to her e-mail -


re your e-mail and the comments I copied above - exactly how have you been involved in Party politics?

Have you ever been a precinct officer or delegate from your precinct?

Have you ever been an officer of your county or district Party?

What about being on the State Executive Committee?

Have you ever attended any precinct meetings, county convention or CEC meeting, district convention, state convention or SEC meeting?

If you are interested in running for 1st Vice Chair and you want my vote - I want to know exactly what your qualifications are for running for that office. You will be one seat away from being Chair. What will you do to return the power of the Democratic Party back to the elected party officers and not let elected public officials, candidates, consultants, and big money donors run the Party into the ground - like they have done since 2009?

We can't win elections if we aren't organized from the grassroots up. And it does no good to elect Democrats to office when they act like Republicans and don't work to turn our Party Platform into public policy.


Chris Telesca
SEC member from Wake County

Now I realize that we can't turn our party platform into public policy - or even protect our state and natural resources when we are in the minority. We have to regain the majority in both sides of the General Assembly, and take back the Governor's Mansion. So talking about protecting the environment and all we have worked for so far is meaningless unless you have a concrete plan for building the Party to win back those offices. Thinking that you as a party officer will be responsible for writing ad copy for legislative campaigns is foolish.

I want to know what you will do to build the NC Democratic Party from the precinct on up? Knowing what you have done for the Party so far - how you have worked for the Party - is a big part of that.


Nina Szlosberg-Landis

And Mrs. Szlosberg-Landis:

As a major fund raiser and bundler, how much did you raise in 2010, 2011 and 2012? I had heard NCDP was unable to raise much money in those years. Did you have some miracle source about which we ought to know as part of your bone fides? We did not get much money, which is likely why there was a mad scramble over the tax check-off money in this time frame. After all, after the 2010 election, all the money switched to the Republicans. Maybe my sources are wrong, but I do think you may have raised as much as you inferred. Just saying........ Oh, and did you participate in the attempted defenestration of David Parker in May?



Most of the money seemed to be bundled for the candidates.... consultant/blogger told me that Governor Perdue was telling big donors not to donate to the state party but to give money to candidates. Not sure why - but that was before the 2010 election when the "bus" was heading towards the edge of the cliff at warp speed, the engine was on fire, and the tire lug nuts were coming off. Like Sgt. Hulka in "Stripes", I got off the bus before it headed over the cliff!

I wanna know details - I saw some pretty puffed-up resumes for folks who claim to have worked for the Democratic Party. Over the years, the resumes look different even though they supposedly cover the same period of time. Why is that?

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting


....getting one fundraising request from her last spring raising money for Eric Mansfield for Lt. Governor......hmmm

I hope we have another chioce for 1st vice

My fear is that she is a poser looking to get a seat on the DNC. I have seen her at one political function in 10 years, a fund raiser at Brad Miller's house. My feeling is that she hasn't paid her dues at the precinct and county levels.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Nina worked on behalf of

Nina worked on behalf of school board candidates, Amendment One, Mayor McFarlane, David Price, the Senate and House Caucuses, Sig Hutchinson and many, many others in 2011 and 2012. Not to mention Lillian's List, the League of Conservation Voters and others. I just personally saw her at events, or attended events at her home, for all of those. I remember countless emails from her asking for help for the President and his staff. I also know she was at the convention as a member of the rules committee (I believe) and active on behalf of our slate in Charlotte throughout the week.

In the years before I knew her, I know she worked really hard on behalf of candidates whether that meant raising money, knocking on doors or handing out palm cards.

She showed a real vision for the Party and the position last night during the YDNC Candidate Forum conference call as well.

We will see how the race breaks down but I think it is clear that she is committed to the Party and our cause. I know she will be working on behalf of our values regardless of the result.

That all sounds pretty good but none of what you mentioned

means that she has the first idea how to be a leader in a political party at the state level. Helping with campaigns is different, useful to be sure, but very different from running the NCDP.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Nina has been a leader with

Nina has been a leader with Lillian's List, NCLCV and others formally. I would argue that she has been a leader in the NCDP behind the scenes and without title for some time. She is a "work horse, not a show horse" as some are fond of saying.