Newt Gingrch Is Afraid Of A Girl

It has been frustrating on one hand and slightly amusing on the other to watch Newt Gingrich destroy these purported members of the "Elite Media" when they have the audacity to ask him questions that everyone is wondering about.

During those memorable moments from the CNN debate, John King asked Newt Gingrich about his ex-wife’s accusations about wanting an open marriage, and Gingrich got deep in his azz.

During a recap with Anderson Cooper, King explained why he asked the question and even described a conversation he had with Gingrich after.

I had a conversation with the Speaker after and said, ‘Look, you’ve moderated these debates, this is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” King said. “It is a story that is making the rounds in the campaign. Is it an issue I’m happy came out in the last 48 hours of the South Carolina primary? Of course not.”

“I knew he was going to challenge the question,” he said. “I’ve been covering politics for 25 years — I understood that if I asked the question he was not going to be happy with it and he was going to turn on me.”

It was my judgment, my decision, and mine alone. If we’re going to deal with it, let’s deal with it up front, let’s not try to sneak it somewhere into the middle of the debate,” he added.

What John King fails to realize is that Newt is a bully; and he should have been ready for it. He knew Newt would go after him if he asked the question, but he wasn't ready for the attack. He just sat there looking like Dan Qualye during his "You're no Jack Kennedy" moment.

His ex-wife's accusations had just come out right before the debate. Had he not asked Newt if he wanted to respond, we all would have thought he was in Newt's pocket or simply scared of him.

The result is that the people who support Newt are left believing that he is some tough, take no prisoners saviour of the Right; and he'd give President Obama Hell in a debate.

Newt has said as much. He has challenged President Obama to "Seven Lincoln-Douglas style 3 hour debates with a timekeeper and no moderator so the American people can see past the billion dollars of false advertising and the bias of the New York times and various mainstream media..." Gingrich even jokes that "Obama can even use the teleprompter."

Now ask yourself, why Gingrich would want this type of debate. First, with no moderator, Newt doesn't run the risk of someone asking him about being the only Speaker of the House run out of town on a rail by his own party years ago; or about his many wives and disgusting sexual exploits in and around his office; one of which snared his current wife and proposed First Lady.

Second, Gingrich would spend those 21 hours of debate, simply throwing out (we'd be throwing up) red meat to the Rabid Republicans, by making wild baseless allegations that he knows his base will lap up like rooting pigs. President Obama would say "I believe all Americans should have access to health care."

Newt would respond by saying nothing of substance, but to the uneducated, which is his core base, it would sound very impressive. He'd use the terms fundamental, secular social, and Saul Alinsky; and although most of his supported have no idea what the Hell he's talking about, it will seem highly intellectual to them because it "sounds" like how smart people talk after they've got lots of book-learning.

If Newt is such a toughy, let him go on the Rachel Maddow Show. She would eat him alive. She wouldn't let him get away with the crap he does to other moderators. She'd ask him a question. She'd have her facts straight; and when he launched into this blame the media crap, she'd stop him and say, "Interesting, but can you now answer the question?"

Next time one of these mouth-breathers start touting that Newt ain't-a scared of Obama or the right wing media, simply say "If he's so tough, let him face Rachel Maddow!"