The news you didn't hear today

James' well-deserved absence to re-charge and work on his novel has motivated an anonymous donor to provide the resources to bring on-board two reporters to assist in providing useful current commentary pertinent to the interests of BlueNC. Fairley Sertin will be covering state and local news and politics, and Ima Ghast will focus on Washington and national issues. Their work will be published periodically under the heading "Big news you didn't hear today."

Fairley Sertin is a graduate of the University of Nanistan with degrees in both fertilizer management and reptile handling. He seems ideally suited to bringing us the news we didn't hear from Raleigh and local government around North Carolina. Ima Ghast is also a graduate of UNS and currently working on her thesis for a PhD in Psychology focusing on Ethical and Moral Schizophrenia. Ima seems well positioned to bring us the news we didn't hear from the national political scene.

Stay tuned.