News and Observer can't understand a simple chart

Today, one of the posts on the "Under the Dome" blog, run by the News and Observer, came out with this headline: "Nate Silver prediction: Marshall wins primary, gets trounced by Burr." In the body of the article, it also says that "Silver also predicts Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr will win big in November with 77 percent of the vote."

Unfortunately for the N&O, thats not at all what Nate Silver said. In his post "Senate Rankings Update, 3/10," Nate Silver projected that there is a 75% chance that Elaine Marshall is the Democratic nominee and that there is a 77% chance that Richard Burr will win the election. But it says that Burr will win by an average of 6.3%; this, of course, would leave Burr nowhere near 77% of the total vote.

This sort of error seems similar to Fox News's consistent errors of labeling scandal-ridden Republicans as Democrats. This, of course, is nothing surprising, coming from the N&O.


Good work benuski

gee-whiz, we bloggers have to do their jobs for them :-)

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