Newby pulls a Trump: Challenging mail-in votes in counties he lost

Because suppressing voters is apparently now considered Conservative Justice:

Republican Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby filed an election protest against the New Hanover County Board of Elections late Thursday evening in his race for Chief Justice against incumbent Democrat Cheri Beasley. New Hanover is one of eight counties that received a similar protest from Newby in recent days, citing alleged absentee by-mail irregularities.

Newby trails behind Beasley by 5,007 votes in New Hanover County. At this point, all votes have been tabulated with no remaining ballots left to consider. However, because of Newby’s complaint, the New Hanover County Board of Elections certified canvass results in all contests except the Chief Justice and Attorney General’s race — the two contests Newby listed in his protest.

Aside from the fact he's just throwing poop against the wall to see what will stick, including the NC AG's race in his efforts is a gargantuan conflict of interest. He's trying to manipulate who will be coming before him (if he remains on the Court) in the vast majority of cases that are pushed up to the NC Supreme Court. Look at the docket if you doubt me. Billy Bob vs. the State of North Carolina is the bread, butter, and sweet tea of that august body, and stacking the AG's office with Conservative lawyers will give Newby even more influence than he could wield as Chief Justice alone. The fact he doesn't grasp that or doesn't care is just one more reason he's not qualified to even be a Supreme Court Justice, much less the Chief. But also like Trump, Newby is losing these battles swiftly:

Robeson County Board of Elections dismissed Newby’s election protest at a preliminary hearing held Friday morning, according to a response filed on behalf of Beasley, Attorney General Josh Stein, and the North Carolina Democratic Party in opposition to his filing. Durham County Board of Elections similarly dismissed the Newby protest Friday afternoon.

Newby’s “cookie-cutter filings” do not prove a single absentee by-mail ballot was inappropriately approved, according to the motion to dismiss, filed by Wilmington attorney Kathleen Glancy and the Raleigh-based firm Wallace & Nordan, LLP.

At its Friday canvass, the New Hanover County Board of Elections scheduled a preliminary hearing for 1 p.m. Monday to review the election protest. At this first step in reviewing the protest, the county board must determine the complaint establishes probable cause, per N.C. State Board of Elections guidance. If it passes this phase, the board would schedule a protest hearing, in which it must determine the challenger presented substantial evidence of voting irregularities and whether the issues would change the outcome of the election.

Of course he can't cite any specific "irregularities," but neither did Trump. If their motives are the same, then Newby is merely doing this to erode confidence in elections. To discourage people from voting, a patently un-American activity. But of course he will continue to wave that flag like the other pseudo-patriots.