New website highlights Chris "The Chameleon" Mintz

RALEIGH, NC, March 15, 2006 – Democratic activists in Raleigh have set up a new web site highlighting information on the odyssey of Chris Mintz from former Chair of the Wake County Republican Men’s Club to the Democratic Party and to the NC House District 41 primary.

Chris pulls a Chameleon and jumps in a primary battle against long-time Democratic activist , ex Howard Dean Southern finance manager and AFL-CIO endorsed, Ty Harrell.

Mr. Mintz representations to the GOP shortly before changing parties, and his representations to his new colleagues in the Democratic Party shortly thereafter are troubling and cause for reasonable doubt regarding his true colors.

Check out


GOP Front? Or Ty Harrell Front?

Either way, the image on the page following that link wins hands down in the category of most likely to give me nightmares.

I think NCGOP, by the way. This is shady campaigning. The only identifying info I found about the site's creators is an email link. (I admit to not reading everything on the site, but "About us" info should be prominent.)

bajadudes, care to step into the light?

Frank! Creative thinking is not your strong point!

Oh My! Frank Williams being creative again! I can assure you
that Ty has nothing to do with this reserve GOP misinformation
little trick. Frank! Is there any reason why you use the contact info
Max and the term Greendogs? So how much are you being paid as
a super wiz political consultant to dream up this ploy?
Don't you little boys have nothing else to do at the Pope
Center think tank?

I do love the Campaign Mgr name! "

Residence Address: 1120 WINTERWIND PL

No shady tricks here

My name is Max Mattia and I live in Raleigh NC. I am bajadudes. I am a male 48 year old satellite communications tecnician, lifelong Democrat that has been involved with politics since the McGovern campaign. In the 2004 primaries I supported Howard Dean but after the primary I actively worked to promote the entire slate of democratic candidates.....especially on the local level.

The site is a collaborative effort on the part of about 10-15 progressive Dem's spread across the state. It is in no way associated with the Harrell campaign, not coordinated with them or anyone in the GOP. We think an educated voter is in the best interest of politics. The site aims to state our opinion of the facts as they exist and let the voter decide for them selves who Chris Mintz really is. None of the links are doctored, they all point to publicly available sources of information. I am of the opinion that Chris is just another vacillating fair weather opportunist politician. Anyone wanting to contact me can do so from the links on the website. As a progressive dem I aim to do everything in my power to make sure everyone knows all the details of the Chameleons past. There is a lot more that we have refrained from the coming weeks as we verify the information and tips, gather our supporting documents and sources we will add it to the site and make it easy for concerned citizens to know everything there is to know about the Chameleon. No slander, no half truths, just the facts. Any questions just drop me a line.

Thanks for clearing this up.

You might want to send a link to the local papers . . . Rob Christensen at the N&O, for example. He's one of the few guys there you can still count on to dig into stories. I'd consider the creation of your site to be news in and of itself.

Sounds like the Chameleon gives a new and twisted meaning to the term DINO.


PS Is there any chance in your opinion that the Chameleon is truly a born-again progressive? Stranger things have happened. I have a friend in Virginia, for example, who has completely turned to embrace the progressive agenda after seeing what Republicans have done to divide and destroy.

press releases

PR's went out to a bunch of media and it looks like Bob Geary will be mentioning it in the Independent.

Several months ago when this situation first became apparent we wondered the same thing and decided that we needed to take a closer look before we cried foul. The more we dug the more we became convince that Mintz speaks with forked tongue. Would a true progressive organize a bash in the honor of a conservative Republican Sheriff that raised over $22,000 dollars weeks before he switched parties? Lordy just contributing $500 to Virginia Foxx is an impeachable offense if you ask me.

I Stand Corrected

Thanks for posting this information. I'll stand by my comment that "About Us" information should be easy enough to get to.

Good for you bajadudes in revealing yourself!

I wanted to smoke out the other side to see how involved they were in promoting the chosen candiate...Chris.... congrats for coming forward and laying it on line. Your statement makes it more creditable with the information.....Keep pumping it....The Western Wake Demo's running Ed, Greer and Ty are going to shocked the chosen Pope puppets in November.. They are the best candiates I have seen in long time and a class act....

All's well

that ends well.

Or something like that.