new taylor tv ad - discuss, dissect, etc.

i've encoded the new charles taylor campaign ad that just ran on wlos-13 (during "jeopardy!") and uploaded it to google video.

here's the link. watch and cringe.


Speaking of "Jeopardy!"...

I saw the ad, too. The gist of it is that thanks to Ole' Charlie 1 million people in WNC now have health insurance. What great guy! Gee, I just wish he were my grandfather.
Speaking of Jeopardy, I wonder what the Dem/GOP demographics are for Jeopardy viewers?

okay, it's up

it's an issue ad, with nice, mellow, almost new-agey acoustic guitar and piano, talking about how chuckles is fighting for affordable drug coverage for seniors.

it's also paid for by the u.s. chamber of commerce, which up until this point in my life i thought was a government agency - looks like it's a right-wing advocacy group, at least as far as i could glean from their wikipedia entry...

love the bright, soft-filtered color footage that looks like it was jacked from an anti-irritable bladder syndrome commercial, juxtaposed with the greyscale-rendered 16-year-old photo of a pre-stroke chuck...

Holy shit?!?!?

Paid for by the US Chamber of Commerce? If that's not illegal, it should be.

If there were ever an ad that deserves a parody, this is it.

And who is that guy that sort of looks like Charles Taylor creeping up all the video? Grossssssss.

syntax - a beautiful political animal

Nice catch, syntax. Taylor's thrown an issue into the political waters, but I can't imagine it's intended to woo the district's seniors. They know what they've experienced with Medicare Part D, and the donut hole has just dawned.

More soon. There's blood in the water.

Scrutiny Hooligans -


I'm going to watch it again, but my initial impression from someone outside the district would scare the hell out of me. How spooky is it to see this frowning head hovering over elderly people. It's like the grim reaper's come to claim his latest victims.

OK...going to watch it again.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

NOW, when Srs. are hitting the "Donut Hole"

Genius Taylor runs this ad? I have read STORY after story after story of Srs. falling into the loop hole portion of the Medicare D. Starting in their 5th month up to the 7th month, if most started Jan 1, that means most are falling in that hole right now.

So is there a dem plant on his PR team? This ad should really make a lot of people happy. Most Srs. hitting the "donut hole" are asking family members to help with costs if possible.



The timing of this advertisement really stinks and that is a really big story. I think it deserves some more attention.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I mean the timing stinks for Chuckie T

It's great for Heath.

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The neat trick with Medi D

is that they count the total cost of the perscription (what you pay and what the insurance pays) to get to the $2,250.00. That's when you hit the Medi "gap" "donut hole" "loop hole".

Now, you pick up the FULL cost of the medication while you continue to pay the monthly premium on the "insurance". This goes on until you have spent - out of pocket - another $2,850.00, then when you reach the 3rd stage of the "coverage" medicare will pay 95% of the perscription.

You know, with friends like this in congress, Seniors don't need enemies

This is a job for the lte team

Per the tools given on the DFA night school:

Reactive: The Rapid Response Team

Proactive: LTE Seeding

Get Active: BUILD A LTE TEAM!!!!!!!


the embedded flash player works great!

SD, this is the perfect situation

I've been going to newspapers in my candidates counties, a number of them now have blogs and forums. If we can't get letters to editors in them, we can "start a discussion" in them!

I've invited them to bluenc in these forums and blogs....some have noted that they have come here to read.

Screwy, I'd like to contribute

If you could use another lte writter. I did a lot of research on medi d for my boss who qualifies for this.

Please contact me thru my email if you think I could help and give me any other talking points.


momo, you crazy?

The more the better. I thought I was jumping on your bandwagon, not the other way around.

Who wants Hendersonville Times-News?
Cherokee Sentinel?
Maggie Valley
Bryson City
+ 2 more for Asheville

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Call me crazy...

but I'll take the two in Ashville....are we going to get together about talking points or just say how crazy this ad is at this time when everyone is hitting the gap?