New rules on NC election "observers" in the making


When "acting like an adult" is just too hard for some people:

The North Carolina State Board of Elections on Tuesday unanimously approved temporary rule changes for election observers, many of whom are appointed by political parties to monitor the voting process from inside polling sites.

The move comes in response to county elections directors who complained about observers distracting voters during the May primaries. They have shared with the board tales of verbal abuse from observers and instances of observers demanding access to voting machines, filming poll workers, blocking voters from tabulators and following precinct officials in their cars.

Whatever happened to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? Because I guarantee you if this happened to a Republican voter, they would freak out:

“There were several that weren't aware of where they could and could not be in the polling place,” Andrew Richards, Davidson County’s director, recently told the state elections board. “While most were perfectly fine, several demanded to be behind the machines to watch people vote. When told they could not be behind the voting equipment several became argumentative.”

Richards added: “Clearer rules rather than just legal language is needed.”

Bolding mine, because "several" implies they were coached to try that. Or had conspired together? Whatever the case, you try to pull that crap on me, they'll be calling for an ambulance.



A question on observers

Do "election observers" have to be from the precinct or county where they are observing an election?

I'm wondering if the GOP will be sending out observers into Black majority/liberal urban or suburban areas from rural areas, similar to how there were protestors and agitators who didn't even live in a community showed up at school board and other public meetings on mask mandates or school materials in recent months.

GOP spending millions on election observers

On June 15, the Washington Post had an article on the national GOP "spending millions" on getting volunteer election observers on the ground in 16 states.

After the attempted coup of 2020, which included a coordinated "fake elector" scheme and a coordinated effort to breach voting systems and download sensitive data in several states, Democrats have every right to be highly suspicious of this effort.

I fear the NC Democratic Party may not be taking the threat of intimidation and election tampering seriously enough here. The GOP has demonstrated, time and again, that they're not interested in "election integrity". And NC, with the Beasley-Budd race, will have national implications.