New Rule for Democrats in North Carolina

I have a new rule for Democrats in North Carolina: Think! Think about what it is going to look like when your bff, son, daughter, husband, wife, mother, father, brother or sister calls you up and says, "Hey, there's this great job in the NC/City/County Department of ______________, that I'm tremendously/somewhat/marginally/not at all qualified for and I think I'm going to apply. What do you think?" Please, next time you hear that question be sure to think before you give your answer.

The fact is, looks are important in this situation. It doesn't matter how qualified for the job your friend or relative is, unless the hiring process is the most transparent process in the world, this is going to look like your friend or family member got their job because of your elected position. The reality is, there is very little transparency in hiring because personnel matters are private.

While tongues are bound to wag when the relative or friend of an elected official lands a high profile job in the private sector that they may or may not be qualified to hold, there usually is no real damage to the public trust. When these jobs are in the public sector where their salaries are paid with taxpayer dollars, there is a perception of wrong doing that can cause as much damage to the public trust as actual wrong doing.

There is a problem right now in CharlotteMecklenburg County with the Department of Social(Human) Services. The problem may simply be one of perception, but it most certainly is a problem. Three relatives of elected officials - all Democrats - have been hired by the department. The kicker is, they were hired during a hiring freeze.

There is no evidence that I'm aware of that indicates these women are not qualified for the jobs they were hired to do. It's a shame to see them facing scrutiny when they may very well be some of the best employees the city has working in their respective department. However, this could all have been avoided if someone somewhere along the process had stopped to think about how this looks to those paying their salaries.

The nitty gritty details come from WCNC:

The I-Team found that even though the county Department of Human Services was under a hiring freeze, Director Mary E. Wilson hired a friend and former co-worker who is the wife of an at-large city councilman.

DSS hired the daughter of CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe in January and the daughter of Superior Court Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans in February.

Wilson hired Samara Foxx, wife of councilman and mayoral candidate Anthony Foxx, last July after posting the position for only one day, according to a DSS spokeswoman.

I don't know Chief Monroe or Judge Mims-Evans, but I do know Anthony Foxx and have met Samara a few times. Anthony is young and enthusiastic and comes from an influential and highly respected political family. Anthony and Samara are just about the last elected officials I know in Charlotte (besides my own mother) who I think would take advantage of elected status to land a family member a job in the public sector. I'm actually baffled that Anthony didn't think of how this would look back in July when Samara applied for the job. That fact has me scratching my head.

The damage is done. It doesn't matter how qualified these women are or how justified the hiring decisions are, public trust has been damaged.

Unfortunately, for Charlotte Democrats, I'm not sure that's all that has been damaged. Our chances of taking over the Mayor's office may also now be at risk. Everyone I know has been excited about the prospects of having Anthony Foxx serve as mayor. From the number of emails I've received, there are some disappointed Democrats in the area. I'm one of them. I'm not disappointed that Anthony and Samara made this employment decision, I'm disappointed they didn't see this reaction coming. I'm disappointed they didn't initially see the need for more transparency. I thought Anthony was smarter than that.


Anthony Foxx's response

This was Anthony Foxx's response to this story:

The insinuations regarding my wife Samara’s employment with Mecklenburg County’s
Department of Social Services in yesterday’s report on WCNC-TV and today’s related
article in the Observer are irresponsible and deeply hurtful. 
A close reading of those
overheated reports reveals that, despite all the smoke and mirrors, there is no evidence of
wrongdoing by my wife or me.

The facts in this story are simple and straightforward; 

 Samara’s qualifications for the job
are beyond question. She is a cum laude graduate of UCLA with a degree in political
science as well as a law degree from the University of Michigan Law School. Samara
worked as staff counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee for
five years prior to our getting married and relocating to Charlotte in 2001. 
That same
year, Samara accepted a contract attorney position at KOSA, an industrial products
company. Mary Wilson, the company’s General Counsel, served as her supervisor.
Their working relationship began, independently of me, and four years before I ran for
public office. In 2004, Samara left her job at KOSA to help raise our children. 

Samara did not rest during that time. While raising our two children, Samara joined the
Board of Directors of Florence Crittenton Services, an agency that provides prenatal care
and other services for pregnant teens and woman, many of whom are victims of domestic
violence and incest. She saw firsthand the positive impact of direct service programs for
those who desperately needed help. Samara was eventually selected to chair the Board of

In July 2008, Samara applied for a position within the Mecklenburg County Department
of Social Services and was hired by Mary Wilson, her former supervisor in the private
sector. Other than applying for the job, Samara had no role in the hiring process. In
taking the position, she had to give up her Florence Crittenton Board affiliation. But
Samara did so with the belief that she would impact many more people who need help at
the Department of Social Services.

I am proud of Samara, her accomplishments and, most importantly, her commitment to
integrity. As I work to change Charlotte for the better, there will be voices opposed.
However, make no mistake: I will not allow gratuitous assaults on my wife -- a highly
qualified and talented professional -- to go unanswered. The people of Mecklenburg are
fortunate to have her. I expect any serious investigation of the facts to confirm this


Anthony Foxx

He's missing the point

It doesn't matter what her qualifications are and she is very qualified. According to WCNC she was hired during a hiring freeze with the job only posted publicly for one day. As the wife of an elected official there should have been a more public and more transparent acknowledgment of her hiring at the time.

It only has to look like cronyism to damage the public trust.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I focused on it

and found it compelling. She could be god and it would problematic, in my opinion, to have either the appearance or the reality of preferential treatment.

My wife works at UNC as the PI on a grant. I asked if our daughter could interview for a part-time summer job doing coding for one of her research projects. The answer is no. Not because out daughter is or isn't qualified, but because the rules against nepotism are strict and strictly enforced.

We've had quite enough of public sector royalty and nepotism in America. It was a problem with Mary Easley, and it's a problem with Ms. Foxx, her husband's indignation on the issue notwithstanding.

I agree.

I think the rules against nepotism are actually too harsh. For instance, your daughter SHOULD have been allowed to work in that job. My wife once offered to do some data entry on a grant her father had, same problem, paying a relative with UNC funds is a no-no. So, he probably had to pay someone else to type numbers into a spreadsheet.

On the other hand, there is only one reason that this story smells bad. The job was listed for one day? That's a joke. But, beyond that is shows a basic ... stupidity. Again, I have known people at state institutions who KNEW who they were going to hire for a position. Yet, they jumped through the hoops and interviewed 3 candidates and posted it on various websites, etc.

In reality, the people who posted it for a day were really acting in the best interest of all those involved. The candidate is incredibly qualified, why waste time and taxpayer money on 3 candidates if you KNOW who you are going to hire?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

In all fairness (or as much

In all fairness (or as much as can typically be expected in the political arena), the situation with Anthony Foxx and his wife appears to be the most harmless of all of the "Employmentgate" examples listed. The fact that the position was actually posted (even if for one day) and Samara Foxx's credentials lends more than a shred of legitimacy to the hiring decision.

I wouldn't expect this incident, alone, to put Foxx's chance of taking over the mayor's office at risk. As for the other Democrats: time to tighten up your game.

Agree with Betsy

Perception is the key here. Samara is obviously very qualified for this position and who is to say she wasn't the most qualified for it. But advertising a $100,000 position for one day during a self imposed hiring freeze leaves a lot of questions.

silly me

Here I thought rational people made decisions based on facts.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Rational people

You're barking up the wrong country, boy. Perception is everything. Always has been. Except maybe in Finland. There all the rational people are drinking vodka.

You'd do well to lighten up, sir.

Is that better?


Listen, Dr. Frank. I've spend as much time and more money than anyone I know in North Carolina working for good Democrats over the past three years since I started BlueNC, and for a decade before that. Plus, I'm already a supporter of Anthony Foxx. I spoke with him when he called a few weeks ago and found him to be exactly the kind of person I'd like to see elected.

That said, I am with Betsy on this 100%, which is extremely rare because we almost never agree about anything. Anthony Foxx can handle tough questions from friends, and he doesn't need you running interference for him.


Is affected by posts such as this, which is why I think this one is ill-considered. I can rely on local TV news to insinuate based on half-facts. I expect better from BlueNC

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

You must have all the facts, DFL

for you to be able to claim that this post is based on only half the facts. Please. Why don't you share them with us?

Oh, wait...that would be because as usual you are just blowing smoke out of your ass pretending like you know something you don't.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The facts

I have known Anthony Foxx for almost 20 years. We work in the same law firm. He is one of the most impressive human beings I have ever met.

The facts of this particular situation, which I have NOT discussed with Anthony, are laid out in his letter.

The fact is that he is a City Councilman. His wife, who is highly qualified for the position she now holds, works for the County. If you can come up with a definition of nepotism that includes having absolutely no control over the hiring practices of ANOTHER GOVERNMENT, please, have at it.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

The facts

There are a few key points to the original post as well as some of the subsequent posts that I would like to clarify.

Here they are:

Fact: Neither Anthony nor Samara had any knowledge of the length of time the job was posted for. Neither were aware that the job was only posted for one day. Neither had any knowledge of the human resource practices of the DSS.

Fact: The County has found that the "...hiring of three jobs filled by the Department of Social Services (DSS) was conducted consistent with County policies and procedures." (from Meck County press release 3/11/09)

Fact: The original reporter stated he had worked on the story for two months. NEVER, not one time, did he contact Samara, and only hours before they aired this story did he call the campaign for comment. Make no mistake that the Foxx's welcomed the investigation into the hiring process.

The one thing that can be agreed upon is that no matter the truth the initial story has done its damage. It is unfortunate, but it is, what it is.

In no way does this story effect our chances of winning the race as suggested in the original post. The truth will always prevail, as it will continue to in this story.

Both Anthony and Samara have contributed considerable portions of their life to serving the community they live in. Anthony was born and raised in Charlotte, and hopes to lead the city he loves as Mayor.

Lessons have been learned and changes made, but these things should only make us stronger as a party and not divide us. This city has not seen a Democrat in the Mayor's office in over twenty years. To capture that seat we are going to need everyone working together to make that happen. There is too much at stake to let this opportunity pass us by.

I encourage anyone who has a question about the campaign or is interested in getting involved to email us at

-Bruce Clark
Campaign Manager
Anthony Foxx for Mayor

Thanks for posting this

Lessons have been learned and changes made.

I'd like to hear what those lessons are and what changes have been made.

You should also know that I personally am sick to death of having to deal with the aftermath of "dedicated public officials" who don't carefully gauge the impacts of their personal decisions. We suffered through Jim Black for longer than anyone should ever have to ... all the while listening to people sing his praises as a tireless servant of the people.

Again, I appreciate your comment. It is a welcome sign that you've come straight out to clarify the campaign's point of view.

pretty low, James

really freaking low, actually.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

There is nothing wrong with James' comment

or questions.

DFL - you have a tendency to play attack dog when there is even the smallest question about a politician you are backing. You did it with Hampton and now you're doing it with Anthony.

You actually hurt Hampton with your angry attacks on the supporters of other candidates. Anthony doesn't need you to hurt him as well.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


I'm not attacking anyone.

And it has nothing to do with "politicians I am backing." When someone impugns the integrity of a friend of mine, I fight back. Friendship means something to me. Sorry.

I am excited that Charlotte has the opportunity to elect a man like Anthony. That he is a politician has absolutely nothing to do with the high regard in which I hold him.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Thanks for the comment

Thanks for this comment (and Betsy thanks for the post).

Anthony Foxx will be the next mayor of Charlotte, and many BlueNCers will
help make that happen.

In my mind Bruce was too modest about the opportunity we have here. This isn't just about getting a Democrat in the Mayor's office; it's about getting a Charlotte mayor who is committed to social justice. I believe Foxx offers us a progressive vision for Charlotte, one that will inspire energy you usually don't see in an off year election.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it will be difficult to get us from here to there, but I'm confident that the effort will be well worth it.

I know Democrats who are beside themselves with excitement

I think he will actually have coattails and the downticket (city council) races haven't had coattails to help them out in a very long time.

I just don't think we win by avoiding issues like this when they come up. We win by opening up the discussion and showing that there is and never was anything to hide.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Bruce, I appreciate your post

Even with the clarification, there are still questions.

Nothing that I've read even hinted that the women hired were not qualified for the work they are doing. I haven't seen anyone hint that Anthony or Samara broke any laws or really did anything ethically or morally wrong. Lack of transparency has a tendency to breed corruption. Unfortunately, we've seen so much of that in politics lately on both sides of the aisle that it baffles me that intelligent people wouldn't ask themselves how something like this will look to those they serve. People will rush to judgment and over the past several years they've been given very good reason to believe the worst in politicians.

Republican Pat Mumford, a former member of the Charlotte City Council was just hired by the city for a job with an annual salary of $153,000. I'm sure it raised some eyebrows and there were people talking about his "connections" but at least it was out in the open.

I think the world of Anthony. I want him to win. I'm just tired of Democrats making boneheaded mistakes.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks for the clarification

Bruce - Thanks for the clarification. I don't think anyone is questioning Samara's qualifications for this position. Her and Anthony are very valued members of our community and we are lucky to have them. With their backgrounds I am sure they could live anywhere in the US and make a heck of a lot more money but they chose to live here and we, the citizens of Mecklenburg are lucky to have them.

We, as a country are coming out of eight years of backroom deals, bad decision making and non transparent government and I think people on our side are weary of anything that sniffs of these types of things. We are ready to take our country back and throw this type of decision making to the side so we might overreact sometimes.

That being said, we will hold our elected officials to a higher standard than the other side did and we just want answers to our questions so thanks again for your clarification.

Unrelated to this story but

it did remind me of the thought I had earlier in the day about how the "stimulus" jobs will be handed out and to whom. Are these jobs that will be filled with friends of the rich and well connected? I don't know but the idea gave me a vague feeling of nausea when it flickered through my mind.


I've never been so conflicted by a BlueNC thread than I am on this one. I have no dog in the hunt, aside from the fact that my brother lives in Charlotte and maybe I can swing his vote (he leans right in local elections for some reason).

If it weren't for the lifting of the hiring freeze, I would come down firmly in the Foxx camp. That just looks bad.

On the other hand, if you have a hiring freeze and the ultimate candidate comes along, and you have one shot to hire them or lose them, what do you do?

On the other other hand, the perception may be that the qualifications are perfect and political access is a bonus.

All that said, and I can only speak for myself here, is that I have been burned recently by candidates I supported. This interferes with my attempts to biuld the party or any future candidates.

At this point I have no qualms with supporting the Foxx campaign. I see no wrong-doing here. At the same time I feel that the issue is a legitimate one.

The day that BlueNC becomes a rubber stamp for every Democratic candidate sans debate is the day that I no longer visit BlueNC.

James and Betsy can correct me if I am wrong, but this is what I thought we were supposed to be doing here: advocating progressive principles and ensuring that progressive candidates live up to those principles.

sounds good to me, crowbar

Here's the deal...if we ignore news like this and don't discuss it, I think it makes it look like we believe there is something to hide. We're not always going to agree, but it isn't a bad thing to have the discussion.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.



Amen Mr. 317


Mr. 317 is my father

CrowbarsDad317. I'll take a simple Crowbar ;o)

surprised that nobody has mentioned that

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned that the news organization that started this fishing expedition is apparently comfortable referring to itself as the "I-team." That should really prompt some questions on the quality of their reporting right from the get-go. Am I right or am I right?

More seriously, there is a process for exemptions to the hiring freeze, and there is a reason for some exemptions (for example department heads - without an executive director an entire department can't function). I'm not knowledgeable enough to speak to this specific exemption.

Deep Thought

From a citizen of the NC-05, can Anthony salvage the Foxx name? ;o)

In addition to a candidate

In addition to a candidate making responsible decisions, it's up to the media to make responsible decisions when they decide what is newsworthy. It is also the responsibility of the news media to get all of the information they can - whether they are broadcast, digital, or print.

Calling this situation with Samara Foxx cronyism and presenting it as such to the general population is irresponsible. Mrs. Foxx is making much less in the public sector than she could in the private sector. She graduated from one of the best law schools on earth (average starting salary for Michigan Law graduates is over $150K), she worked for Congressman Conyers for five years, and could be employed making at least twice as much money somewhere else. Instead, she wanted to do good in her community. She was intimately involved with the restructuring of DSS and was a perfect person for the position. It's not cronyism when you're overqualified and you have better options, and when the person you're connected to has no jurisdiction over the department or its employees.

Additionally, it wasn't her decision to take down the job posting so quickly, and there were other people in addition to these three hired during the "hiring freeze." There is no evidence that she was aware of the other hires. I'm sure that if Mr. Foxx were psychic and knew that other suspicious hires were going to happen at the same time, and that DSS would make things look more suspicious, things would have happened differently. But she wasn't applying for a job that the Charlotte City Council had any jurisdiction over, there is no reason given the facts of the situation that they could have seen a fair or rational person allege any sort of impropriety, and so Samara Foxx joined her husband in serving the public.

Commenters here are saying that the situation raises a lot of questions. It should, but about DSS - and not the Foxx family. I haven't seen one example of something that a reasonable man could have foreseen as a problem. Where is the mistake that Anthony Foxx made? What should he have seen? What should he have done differently?

The other comment is that what happened "looks bad." How was the situation supposed to have looked bad from the point of view of the Foxxes? The reports make it clear that a lot of hiring was going on during the "hiring freeze," so that can't be it. Maybe a minor concern that this might become an issue was overshadowed by the Foxx family's commitment to service and the knowledge that DSS and the taxpayers that pay the bills could benefit from Mrs. Foxx's skills. The press is always going to find something to criticize. Politics is a dirty game.

Going back to my original point, WCNC produced an irresponsible piece that makes looks bad. The Observer repeated the story, with some additions and omissions. They didn't make any attempt to contact the Foxx family. They didn't put anything about her qualifications into the initial report. They didn't mention how she was involved with improving the department. And now Councilman Foxx and his wife are being open and accountable. There might be a problem with the quality of reporting from WCNC and its news partner, but I see no lapse in judgment from the Foxxes. Bill James may say it smells bad, but when did he determine how we view the world? I see the media as the problem here, and they are abusing their power to change and create perceptions. Maybe we should invite Stuart Watson to live blog here and ask him why he thinks it's fair to bring up the spectre of cronyism given the information we have. Why is this in the public interest when Samara Foxx's skills, experience, and education can open much more lucrative doors than those in Mecklenburg County Government?

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks

If you can't see how it looks for an elected official's

family member to get a public sector job then you simply aren't going to get the point of the conversation and I'm not going to try too hard to educate you.

Most of the voting public is tired of back room deals and anything that looks like a back room deal. We're tired of an administration hiring its friends or offering no bid contracts to their friends' companies. We're tired of a lack of transparency in government and we are especially tired of elected officials who lack common sense and/or empathy.

Stop using Samara as a straw man. This isn't about Samara. It is about a lack of transparency and if Anthony Foxx isn't astute enough to see that his position as a member of the city council and his upcoming bid for Mayor puts him in a special position and casts his wife's hiring by the city in a special light, then maybe he's not ready to be Mayor. I'm sorry. This isn't rocket science. All it takes is a bit of common sense and a willingness to see this from the average person's eyes.

All you people who think you are defending Anthony are really just making things worse. I think you should have just left this one alone.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

he didn't hire her

in fact, neither did the City. She was hired by the County.

And yes, I realize there is some unification in Charlotte-Mecklenburg services, but I have yet to have anyone explain to me how Anthony Foxx had any control over this or how a reasonablke person, and not one predisposed to find a problem, would believe that there could reasonably be a perception of such.

Betsy, you keep saying that people should not respond. The Dukakis campaign would approve of that approach.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

I keep saying?

Really, I've looked this conversation over and over again. Where do I "keep saying" people should not respond? I did suggest to viking boy that the straw man arguments aren't helping and maybe those posing them should have sat this one out. if we stretch it, there's #1. I think people should think before they respond and they shouldn't put up false arguments. Each time a false argument is posed it gives us a chance to restate our problems with this situation. If you carefully read the post and attempted to understand the problem we see in the lack of transparency instead of trying to make this post about something it is not, then the conversation would come to a much better conclusion for Anthony.

Anthony could very easily have set up a public announcement or sent out a press release on the hiring or he could have requested that it by done through the county. Common sense could have kicked in and since Samara and Mary are friends they could have discussed a transparent way to announce her hiring. Again, it isn't that she was hired. It isn't whether she's qualified. It is that we are finding out 8-9 months after the hiring and about 8 months before election day. We hold our elected officials to a higher standard and that should have been acknowledged back in July. Even if making the announcement didn't fall in their realm of responsibility Anthony should have recognized the need for transparency. It doesn't take a huge amount of common sense or empathy to understand how this will look to the average person.

A public announcement was made when Pat Mumford was hired. He was all smiles. There was no suggestion from the press that anything was amiss. Imagine how the message could have been controlled last July. imagine leading with Samara's credentials. Done right I think most people would have felt lucky to have Samara Foxx working on their behalf.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'm well aware of how things

I'm well aware of how things like this look. As I said, the actions of DSS raise a lot of questions. And I'm not misrepresenting anything with a straw man argument. This isn't about me, however. I was simply asking a couple of questions. And nobody has answered the question of what Councilman Foxx did wrong. What he could have done differently to prevent these bad perceptions? Unless Mr. Foxx is psychic, the answer to both of those questions is "nothing." The closest anyone came to an answer was saying that they should have stepped on the toes of DSS and put out a press release about the hire. But the salary has been public information since at least August 2008 when it was published in the Rhino Times.

And you still are saying things that are inaccurate. She wasn't hired by the city. If she were hired by the city, that would be a conflict of interest. In this situation, she was caught up in a tornado that wasn't her own.

On the whole, this story is ridiculous. The press says there are allegations of cronyism (the allegations coming from the press) even though they know that it's not true in the case of the Foxxes. The Observer says that the Foxxes did nothing wrong, and yet Mary Schulken and others say that the appearances are the problem - even though they're the ones creating the appearances. The press acts as if everyone is cynical, and then they tell everyone to be cynical! If anyone is damaging public confidence in the government, its the press!

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks

I can't do your reading or your understanding for you

I've answered those questions in other comments in this thread. I've repeated myself ad nauseum. Read some of my other responses and maybe you'll gain a little better understanding.

Of course, some people will never get it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Betsy, you didn't meet his point

You in fact HAVE repeatedly said that she was hired by the city. She wasn't. That's an inconvenient fact both for those who would base their entire reaction to this story on "perception" and to those inclined to believe some shadowy backroom deal actually did go down.

He has no control over the hiring policies of Mecklenburg County. His wife applied for a job she was eminently qualified for. The person doing the hiring obviously wanted to hire her. If anybody screwed up, it was the person doing the hiring, who did not post the job for more than a day.

As Sam says, that was not a decision that was within the control of the Foxx family, nor could they have known about it before it happened.

The attack on the Foxx family is based on incorrect assertions, unwarranted assumptions, and sloppy reporting. Other than that, it's perfectly valid.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Hey Bruce

In no way does this story effect our chances of winning the race as suggested in the original post.

Odd point to join BlueNC to make. Just saying.

Welcome. Have a feeling you'll be back next implosion.

I support Foxx. I just hate the position you've put us in of defending his agenda (which is what we support, not HIM), regardless of how well he would manage Charlotte should he overcome this permanent stain of corruption. Can you stop being a Chicago Style Democratic Boss Caricature long enough for election day?

BTW, what's your salary as Campaign Manager Bruce?

Again, thanks for joining the discussion on your Boss' ethics and fiscal responsibility in this economic environment, where good citizens across America have their eye on Charlotte, home of Bank of America, recipient of $20 billion in Federal aid for mismanagement and lack of oversight.

You so don't get why this is a big deal, do you?

Are you connecting the dots and getting why we're pissed yet?

How dare you do anything but apologize. Bad Campaign Manager. Bad.

Gosh, Dagnabbit

cut the man some slack.

I have met Bruce. I thought he was a pretty nice guy. I had some interaction with him this past election cycle and he had to wade through a lot of mess thrown his way. He handled it quite well. I have a picture of him somewhere.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

No doubt!

He's working in politics. He is most certainly underpaid. I'm still assuming it is the same man I met this past year. Very impressive.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

A simple rule of thumb

in situations like this is to flip the party.

If this were a Republican City Council member and his wife (however qualified) got this County job, damn near everyone posting here would be talking cronyism.

This is politics, people. Something might be legally acceptable and even ethically airtight, and when you compartmentalize and examine different aspects on their own, it might look totally innocent. Yet, it still might have an (overwhelming) appearance of impropriety if you step back and look at the whole picture.

This may be good, but it don't look good, if you know what I mean. And that is (very) often on the minds of voters when they enter the booth.

actually no, I wouldn't

and because it is NOT a Republican, it is doubly stupid to act as retransmitters of the right wing attack.

"Man is free at the moment he wishes to be." -Voltaire

Dr. Frank

I do not know Mr Foxx but I have heard good thing about him, I am sure he can be a good mayor also. But this is something they should have know better than to try to do. Political elections are not always fair and maybe this is unfair to Mr. Foxx but he and and wife should have known better than to evern try to apply for this job this colse to an election.

Maybe that explains

my inclusion of, "damn near everyone" in that statement?

As far as the, "retransmitters" thing, would you prefer we simply ignore something like this? Exercise a little situational ethics? Or how about we raise the bar on what we should consider as nepotism or cronyism, to the point where only the most egregious offenders are called to task?

Look, I admire your efforts to stand up for a friend, but the right-wing accusations of widespread corruption amongst Democrats in this state have (unfortunately) quite a bit of evidence to back them up. The best way to fight that is not by closing our eyes, it's by endeavoring to change behavior by driving home the message of ethical accountability.

I have serious concerns about our ability

to hold anyone accountable for anything after the last eight years of criminal behavior by the Bush administration that has gone completely unaccounted for in any way. It's not that the public hasn't known what was going on but our pleas for justice went ignored by the powers in places where oversight is their job.

It may mean that we do need to hold our own under a brighter spotlight so we never again let things get to that degree of corruption.