New Restrictions on ATVs

On Thursday, NC will begin enforcing new restrictions on all-terrain vehicles, banning kids under 8 from driving and limiting older kids to smaller models. Predictably, some Republicans are all upset because they see this as government interference with parenting. On the other hand,

The legislation -- which also includes regulations for all ATV users -- came after dozens of North Carolina children died on ATVs in recent decades. Eleven were killed last year alone. - Greensboro, North Carolina: News: New ATV restrictions in effect Thursday

So really, this is really only interfering with the kind of parenting that goes on in families that let 8-year-olds ride deadly grown-up toys. So I guess Republicans are really standing by the family value of letting parents put their kids at unnecessary and foreseeable risk of death. It is clear just how far these Republicans stand outside the mainstream: even the ATV manufacturers didn't have a problem with the bill. Fill in the blank: "When corporations are more moral than a political party, _______________________."