New recycling law creating confusion

The new recycling law that bans all plastic bottles in landfills is creating some confusion. In the past week I've had several people ask me about the law and a friend called to tell me her grandparents are scared about being arrested, so they plan to drive each month to Greensboro to carry their plastics to the recycling center. They are in their 80s and don't enjoy the best of health.

If I had heard this once I might have shrugged it off, but in the last two weeks I've had three different friends tell me that elderly relatives are worried about breaking the law. It doesn't matter how many times you tell them that the law isn't being enforced and nobody is checking their garbage. Some folks aren't used to laws passed just for the hell of it, just to look good or just to pretend you are doing something.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for recycling, but passing a law that has no teeth and that you don't plan to enforce anyway just doesn't make sense. They put too many of these on the books we'll have to request the NCGA start publishing a guide to the laws that we have to obey and those that are simply for decorative purposes.


I am taking my recycling

as I head out to buy prezzies for my oldest who turns 16 on Thursday.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I received my notice on recycling plastics

but it did not tell me what to do with the recycle products. I put them in special blue bags for recycling, but my trash hauler won't pick them up.

What gives?

Death Panels for Plastic Bottle and Oyster Shell Miscreants!

Not quite.

A reasoned story from a mainstream media news source here

The actual law is here

Again, a media that chooses to report irresponsibly should bear the brunt of such a conclusion by citizens.

The elderly in jail for not recycling? Not hardly.


Well, maybe for oyster shells

I live in Wilmington, and our main problem on the coast, other than our own pollution, is that oysters need something to attach to and the best thing is old shells. The oyster population is down something like 90% from its late 19th century level and needs to be rebuilt if we are still to enjoy the unique taste of our local product. DMF collects shells in large piles which are allowed to bleach in the sun to kill marine parasites, then used to build new oyster reefs. The NC Coastal Federation bags a fair number of these that are then seeded and spread over the reefs.

Recycling stations are probably hard to find in the heartland, but so are shell oysters. Oyster bars will usually take them, if you have one. Reminds me, NC oyster season opens Thursday

Thanks for this information

I have loads of oyster shells I've brought home from beach trips over my 47 years. I don't plan on recycling them. I also don't plan on throwing them away. I will find a good use for them.

Great idea to send shells to a local oyster bar.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Actuallly you need to lab test

the oyster shells for heavy metals and industrial pollutants prior to their use.

Don't eat the either the top or bottom of the food chain, it's a filthy world out there.

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Stan Bozarth

More fun with this law

Guess who was the only legislator to vote against it?

Hint: The law was passed several years ago

Next Hint: Mainstream media wouldn't initially cover why this lawmaker resigned.

Final Hint: Suck it, baby!