New, old face may challenge Richard Burr

Anyone here remember Dennis Wicker, the former Lt. Gov? According to the CharO he is considering a run against Richard Burr.

There are no old websites from which to harvest information, so we'll have to settle for the tidbits out there now. (Maybe Greg can find more for us.)

Wicker served in the House for 12 years after having been elected in 1980. His last two terms he was the House Majority Leader. Wicker was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1992 and served two terms. He ran for Governor in 2000 and lost in the Democratic primary to Mike Easley.

You can also read his profile at by clicking here.

So....what do you think?


Could be an interesting race

but I doubt Wicker is too far left of Kay Hagan. Would love to see PPP poll him for name recognition.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Dennis Wicker

would make a great candidate and a great US Senator. I was president of Democratic Women of NC during two of the years he was Lt. Governor and I was very active in politics the other years and I as I remember it, he was very well thought of. I don't remember hearing any disparaging remarks about him. He's probably a little more conservative than I'd like, but then again, who isn't? Besides, as we all know, it takes a conservative Democrat to win a statewide election in this state.

Sweet Union Dem

How do we know that SUD?

We've only had conservative Dems pushed on us. All of the progressive Dems were undercut by our own party.

Not true, Mo

Seriously, look at the polling. PPP's (?) latest shows only 15% of voters self ID as liberals in NC. We probably wouldn't see a majority of Dems self ID as liberals in this state which means we won't get a liberal out of the primary anyway. I need to go check that polling data to see if it is broken down further, but to win statewide we have to get a large portion of unaffiliated voters and I doubt there are enough liberal unaffiliated voters to get a truly liberal candidate elected statewide.

Sorry I can't find the poll of which I speak, but I know I saw it recently and I've got to get back to what I'm avoiding doing.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Yes, there is a way

but your typical card-carrying liberal candidate doesn't know how to communicate to moderates and conservatives effectively enough to get their votes. It isn't about compromising your vision. Kenneth Lewis voiced this understanding and once we are able to hear more from Cal, Elaine and Dennis we will see if there is someone else with that understanding.

Barack Obama was able to reach out and communicate to voters who wouldn't typically have listened, however, Obama isn't a liberal.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Sounds like mealy-mouthed moderation to me

There is a third way...


Get to breaking the mold in Forsyth County.

Wanna make a real difference in NC? Run and retire Rep. Dale Folwell.

The US Senate campaign may be all sexy for some, but the real power in 2010 is in the winners of the legislative races.

Redistricting is at stake (well, until the first lawsuit).

If all these folks lining up (and backing people) for a Senate run would take a whack at a legislative seat, we'd all be better for it.


Baby, you read my mind...

There are precisely two things I'm pushing from inside the Forsyth County Democratic party structure:

1. The 73rd House seat will be an open race next year. We must fight for it. Why? Five words: State House Representative Nathan Tabor.

2. The 75th House district is actually trending Democratic. We must develop it next year with a strong candidate. He must be prepared to lose and run again in 2012 because we'll take it when the President is at the top of the ticket.

I just bought a house I love desperately. It is safely within Larry Womble's district... and he ain't going nowhere. But speaking of redistricting, both Womble and Parmon MUST-- MUST be prepared to make concessions to their own security. You ain't gotta win 80 percent Democratic majorities every time. These two districts are killing us in the county.

Progressive Dems

undercut by our own party? No, the progressives just lost to conservative Dems because that's what makes up the majority of the Democratic Party.

Sweet Union Dem

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Why is it always conservative vs. liberal/progressive? Does anyone believe in being moderate anymore? You may believe that this party is made of conservatives. That may be true when you're comparing candidates to people like John Kerry. We are a big tent party, but in NC we've always been the more progressive southern state. Looking at the big names in NC politics of yesteryear proves this.

I don't know who's being forced upon you as a Democrat. If someone cannot effectively communicate their message during a primary that's what you get. Plus its always the rank and file who vote in a primary and depending on the candidate they'd rather take the most electable candidate over losing the general election. Hey, its worked for the last 100 years in the governor's races. Losing the seat to only three Republicans isn't too bad.

You Called?

Wicker is competent, knowledgeable and experienced in politics. He's been off the political radar for a while. He makes occasional appearances on NC Spin. He is more recently known for lobbying activities on behalf of a dozen or so clients, most controversial being the Figure Eight Island Homeowners Association. I'll root around for more. Wouldn't be my first pick but has the ability to be the last man standing.