New job for Olbermann

Sadly Keith Olbermann signed off MSNBC for the last time last night. I always felt he spoke truth to power about as good as anyone else in the news.
Well...... the President needs a new press secretary......
I can only imagine just how crazy our republican friends would get. It would be a thing of beauty to watch.

Keith Olbermann for White House Press Secretary, just take a second and think about it. Fox, Rush, Lonesome Roads Beck and the rest of the right wing nut machine would lose what is left of their small closed minds.


Next Question?

I can see the first Press Conference?

John Hood, John Locke Foundation:

"Mr Press Secretary! 1/2 Governor Sara Palin said you were a confirmed Communist since you did Cincinnati Reds Radio Broadcasts in the early 70's. How do you respond to these new charges?

Olbermann: She is a idiot! Next Question!!!!!!!! Please!

Bill O'Really, Fox News:

" Mr Press Sexcretary! I had Glenn Beck on my show yesterday! He said you were secret communist who was train in Kenya with President Obama Father and really was a black man trapped in a white man body!

Olbermann: Here is a copy of my Birth Certificate! It says I was born in Cincinntic Ohio, and I am Polish! Besides, I slam dunk President Obama in a pick up White House Basketball Game in the Oval Court this morning! Who says Whites can't jump? Huh! Huh! So shut up fool!