New Features: BlueNC Store and NC News Wire

The BlueNC store is open for business at There are only a few items there now, but what we lack in quantity we make up in pure lefty North Carolina goodness. We'll be adding items and designs in the future (so let us know if you have any suggestions).

Also, down at the very bottom of the right sidebar on your screen you'll find the NC News Wire, a running feed of NC News from across the country and around the world (but mostly from North Carolina). If there's a story there that you have a comment on, just click the little blue box with the "b" in it and you'll find yourself looking at a new blog post with the title and a link to the news already provided (try it out!). If you'd like to add the feed to your reader or website, the address is


love the button

Are you addicted to this? Do we need to get together and have a caring confrontation?

I'm 'bout to go underground

to study for exams and finish writing papers, so the intervention may not be necessary.

so it' s not addiction . . .

You've been doing this to avoid doing other work! I get it now.

are you up, too?

I'm supposed to be tired but I can't stop thinking of ways to facilitate the fall of the Chainsaw King.

Love the button

Heart from PA.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.