New features at BlueNC

By now you've probably noticed two new graphics in the inner sidebar. They will be part of a rotating graphic display once we have all of the pages and graphics set up. For now, you can click on the Burr Files graphic and you will be taken to posts that have "Richard Burr" as a tag. If you click on the Live Blog Archive graphic you will be taken to a page that displays our live blog archives. I'm still cleaning up the posts that are included in this archive that have been pulled from the database due to a bad tag and we have some older live blogs that were never tagged as such, but it is a good start.

I've been thinking about possibly two rotating graphic blocks. One with graphics that lead to BlueNC features like our important archives, FAQ, Take Action page, etc and one with graphics that lead to our posts on specific candidates and issues, like Richard Burr, Virginia Foxx and the Wakers. Any thoughts on this?