New diary by Congressman Brad Miller at Kos

Just a head's up that the Congressman is looking for suggestions over at Kos.


I will post my suggestion here

People powered politics is listening to the people. To me, the campaign can be run in a number of ways so long as the focus is on competence, integrity, and the common good. The best way to think of people powered is to think of what it is not. It is not the Republican-light that most Democrats have become. Bush and Rove realized the power of people in their never ending playing to the religious right and ultra-wealthy. I think they are dead wrong on a policy level and their execution, but it is the model that will drive the grassroots. I will reiterate that I think the core phrasing of it on our side is competence, integrity, and the common good. I would add long-term vision versus short term, but that could be encompassed in any of those three categories I guess.

And we would like to see Brad to post over here also. It does not take much time to just copy the post and place it here too. I know a lot of people who read BlueNC and not DailyKos on a regular basis. I

Thanks for the heads up.

I've mostly given up at Kos these days in the wake of all their navel gazing . . . but I'm glad to see Brad hanging in there.