New DHHS Secretary on a mission from God

Or maybe he's just setting up a Supreme Patsy for his inevitable failure:

“By faith I believe it will be demonstrating God’s love in action as we continue to improve the health of our most vulnerable citizens,” he said.

Brajer will start Aug. 17 and will be paid $140,000 a year.

It may be a personal foible, but I have to admit I find public demonstrations of religiosity a little disconcerting. When the nice lady ringing up (scanning, whatever) my groceries says, "Have a blessed day," I might respond with, " too..." But I'm really thinking, "Someone who should be enjoying the last few decades of her life, but is instead standing on her feet for hours making $8 per hour, might not be the best judge of what constitutes a "blessing" vs a "curse." But that could say more about me than her. :)



What's he running for?

It sounds like Brajer is campaigning for an office and trying to get the right wing vote!

Nancy G. Rorie