Neo-Confederates clash with students (again) in Chapel Hill


And once again, dude shows up with a gun and is allowed to leave with it:

After two incidents in which opponents pushed each other, Chapel Hill police brought in portable plastic barriers to separate the two groups. “You are evil and nasty,” Wendy Hayslett, a “Confederate” protester told the students and their supporters, shouting into a bullhorn. The anti-racists answered with chants of “Go home, Nazis.”

One protester arrived late with a handgun holstered on his hip. He carried a Confederate flag and a sign that said, “WARNING. LEAVE SOUTHERN MONUMENTS ALONE.” A member of the Heirs group invited him to join them, but police cautioned him he could not come onto the site with the gun. He left and came back without it.

Watch the video. They got into several scuffles before the police showed up and placed barriers between them. But here's the kicker: The Town of Chapel Hill issued the Confederate group a permit, so they knew when and where this was going to happen. Police should have been there before this began, not after the pushing and shoving took place. Even the Lost Cause Snowflakes were surprised at that oversight:

Lance Spivey, an active pro-Confederate demonstrator and the man who brought a pistol onto campus in March, said the anti-Confederate demonstrators started “pushing us around” during a rally. He said the rally may have been more peaceful had the police arrived at the Peace and Justice Plaza earlier.

“Well, considering we had a permit, they should’ve been here beforehand,” Spivey said. “The barricade should’ve been out here, and they should’ve had more police officers out here beforehand. If they had, what happened would not happen.”

Nancy Rushton McCorkle, one of the two individuals who was arrested on March 31 for vandalizing the Unsung Founders Memorial, was also present at the demonstration.

“We’re not blaming the cops,” McCorkle said. “We’re blaming these lawless people. These people have no morals or any value of anything.”

Lol! Says the criminal vandal who snuck onto the campus and defiled an African-American memorial, proving that their movement *is* all about racism. Dumbass.

And here's the good ole boy system in operation:



Here's a question to ponder:

If a black man (even one as old as that guy) showed up at a tense standoff with a gun on his hip, and then started fiddling around with the snap on his holster when he was told he had to leave, what would that cop have done?