Ned Barnett's Editorial About NC's Higher Health Insurance Premiums

Already online tonight, linked here and below, is a Ned Barnett editorial based on a lengthy interview he and I had a few days ago. If the State of North Carolina had taken my recommendations from 2010-2013 then health insurance rates for many individuals and families would be lower now in 2015, 2016 and the foreseeable future than what we are experiencing now. The editorial should appear in the print Sunday version of the N&O tomorrow. I welcome your feedback.



Thanks for the post, Wayne

A few of our members have already been asking how this could have happened, and your op-ed provides some answers.

None of this makes sense

What a convoluted stinking mess healthcare is in the United States. I have an acquaintance who basically lives in the hospital now because there are no options for care anywhere else. She had been making $20,000 a year, which disqualified her for Medicaid. But her healthcare costs are twice that because she's being served only by hospital ERs.

She will likely die in the next few weeks. Thanks for caring, Pat McCrory.

Until we have a single payer system, people will continue to be screwed by politicians who are more interested in coddling the rich at the expense of the poor.