NC's "silver spoon" charter school proposal


Because corporate scions deserve preferential treatment:

A nonpartisan, national organization setting benchmarks for charter policy is expressing concerns with a pair of GOP-backed charter reform proposals advancing in the N.C. General Assembly, at least one of which the organization describes as the first of its kind in the nation.

The former allows for up to 30 percent growth in charters not identified as low-performing with no additional state review of finances or operations; the latter clears publicly-funded charters to set aside half of their enrollment for the children of private “charter partners,” defined as corporations donating land, infrastructure, renovations or technology to the schools.

Bolding mine, because what the hell. Even ritzy private schools at least try to maintain an air of objectivity when it comes to accepting children of wealthy patrons, even if it is a wink wink, nudge nudge admissions ritual. This is pretty much a "buy your child a seat," straight-up business proposal. A seat that is paid for by the taxpayers, no less. And NC is breaking new ground with this country club "members only" BS:

An official with the Chicago-based National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) told Policy Watch this week that, to the organization’s knowledge, no other U.S. state has approved a proposal like House Bill 800, a measure one Democrat likened to creating “de facto, segregated private schools” last week.

“I would be concerned about upholding the public school ethos,” said Amanda Fenton, NACSA’s director of state and federal policy. “Not being familiar with who would take advantage of this, I certainly don’t want to question their motivation, but there’s a reason why charter schools are lottery and open enrollment. I would want to ensure that the public school ethos is maintained.”

Yeah, we ain't got no ethos, or ethics, for that matter. There's no room in Free Market Fantasyland for those things.